Was “Boi Pvssy” Thrown To YMCMB?

tumblr_n32l0rs7Ai1r5zq6ao1_400the f-bi was blowing up my email today.
boy ya’ll was on it!
this is all i saw
fly young red”
“boi pussy”

“got signed to ymcmb by lil wayne”

2zspovtat first: stunned.
stunned i tell ya!
afterwards utter shock set it.
how epic that a gay artist talking about fine feathered ratchetness got signed?
sadly after doing some investigating,
turns out that it isn’t true:
flymoneyredrumorsapril fools joke maybe?
either way crazier things have happened.

rumor start: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Was “Boi Pvssy” Thrown To YMCMB?”

  1. Yea…we ain’t came that far yet. I watched an interview of his the other day, and he seems very smart and intelligent. He is handsome too.

    The gif at the top tho. Get it Woody. Shake that ass. *throws ones at my screen*

    1. A big ass smile came over my face from that Woody gif. I never expected to see Woody or any Disney character in that position. They should do a Toy Story in The Hood.

      1. Trust me, you were not smiling harder than me. I was like “DAMN” He was rollin that shit around.

        Woody is animated, and the sad part is, I do not even think an actual dude can shake it that good lol.

  2. The Man i have two words for you…Stylish Talent he’s on youtube and etc that boy can move his ass ten times better then most females out here…

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