Mariah Is Buuuuuuuusssssssss*crack*ted

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 4.29.05 PMmariah done fucked up.
she should know the internet never forgets.
^that was a tweet she did yesterday with a picture of “happy” her.
someone decided to allegedly play “one sweet day” on her life.
well “one sweet day” many moons ago…

it was a flashback friday shot?
either way: eek.
i’m still mad at this (go to @2:36):

like madonna and jlo:

…need to bow out gracefully at this point.
mariah needs to realize no photoshop in the world will ever stop her situation.
a size “-0” she is not anymore.

lowkey: waits for the “hacked” excuse…

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Mariah Is Buuuuuuuusssssssss*crack*ted”

  1. oooooooooooooooooooo, you’re goooood J, I mean dammmmmn gooood! When I saw that footage you had and then watched the televised version; i was like, “WTH”? Technology is muthafukka! I’m still trying to understand why that lip-synced ad-lib wasn’t audible on that first clip. Does that mean that the audience didn’t hear anything either? SMDH…

  2. You saw this too!? I had to laugh at some of the shit people were saying. When ya think about it tho, it’s kind of sad. People age, either you do it gracefully by taking good care of yourself or you age horribly. Madonna would probably look like an escaped nursing home resident if it wasn’t for the staples holding her together. She’s only making it worst by doing as such. *Looks at Vivica Fox and Lil Kim.*

    I don’t why us Americans are so obsessed with youth. Old people look fine. I’m okay with getting older. I actually welcome it because my young life has been nothing but disappointment. I was always okay with getting older. My brothers on the other hand, claimed life ends at 40. That’s bullshit. They’re the partying club hopping type so I guess they think they’ll have to stop once they hit a certain age. They have over 40 clubs, I think.

    As long you got swag, you’ll look good as an old man or woman. Too many old people let themselves go which is understandable. Who expects to still be trying to keep up appearances when you’re older. Not me. I’d be dressing to impress just for myself and my husband.

    Remember, say no to surgery. Lest we forget Michael Jackson giving us walking dead teas during his final rehearsals… scary spice.

  3. I so agree. It is time for these old heads to hang it up. They can make money off their hits..but the new shit they put out is straight-up garbage. Especially J-Lo & Mariah.
    At least Madonna is different with her shit and doesn’t try to jump on the bandwagon…but even still it’s time to hang it up.

  4. We all know Mariah is a diva! She’s even admitted to still having a few self esteem issues. I don’t think she’s aged horribly at all, as we get older our body and our voice starts to change. She just needs to start dressing like a woman her age and stop dressing like she’s 20 years old again with her breast hanging all out. Patti Labelle (her godmother) is 60+. You wouldn’t dare see her walking around on stage wearing the stuff that she did with Labelle. Same goes for Chaka Khan. She wouldn’t wear the same thing that she did with Rufus. Aretha…..well…..*exits post*

  5. Lol at JLo and Madonna as well.. Smh at Mariah, I feel like she is pulling too many tricks to remain relevant with a younger generation. Someone of her caliber can truly rest on her laurels the absent whistle notes and dated pictures are only tarnishing the legacy she created. Mariah needs to focus on adult contemporary and enjoy life

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