ya know.
this should be a good one.




























..and be honest.
in picking your answer,
take into consideration

can you play without skipping tracks?
you had sex to?
best lyrical content?
best image?
have the most memories?
songs made you feel good?
who inspired you?

Author: jamari fox

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31 thoughts on “FOR THE RECORD: (3)”

    1. “I used to be scared of the d!ck / Now I throw lips to the sh!t / Handle it like a real b!tch…” – Big Momma Thang

      She was slaying them back then.

      1. This album and song was even more legendary that Lil Kim was the first “Female Titan” to speak Arabic in a song…if that doesn’t classify as Titan nothing does…lol

  1. This is a tough one. If you would have had Ms. Lauryn Hill up here, it would have been way too easy. I loved Kim’s and Eve’s albums. The freak in me chooses Kim, but my street side goes with E-V-E. Since I have to select one, I’ll go with Eve.

  2. ok so…
    i own all of their debut albums so this was a tough one.
    lil’ kim’s first album taught me that i liked to suck dick,
    have him buy me colorful minks,
    and the epitome of catching ballers.
    it was raunchy,
    to the point,
    and it made me want to have a better life.
    so i choose the queen b.

    missy is a real close second.

    1. I’m right there with you Jamari. Missy’s 2nd album was better than her first in my opinion. But Kim’s debut revolutionized the industry

  3. I pick lil Kim just because I remember riding a wolf so hard to “Big Momma Thang” before. Lol and I live by the song “Not Tonight” because of that “foxy style” it has to it. “He was a trick when I sucked his dick, he use to pass me bricks, credit cards and shit!”

  4. Foxy Brown all the way…. That bitch was straight dope…she was a better lyricist than Kim any day, and she was representative of every dope chick around the way putting money in commissary, slanging weight on the low, shit she might shoot. The ” Chyna Doll” album was flawless.

  5. I have to go with Lil Kim. Out of all the other choices her album was the only one that had songs that I actually liked. Ever since the mid 2000’s the female rap game has put me to sleep.

  6. This one is so difficult :(( It’s between Foxy, Kim and Missy. Missy has always had the dopest beats and I love her flow. You couldn’t tell me Foxy wasn’t one of the boys when she got behind a mic. Kim kept it real gutta and nasty, just the way I like it. I’m gonna go with Kimberly’s Hardcore. That shit brings out the really, nasty, biggest freak you’ve ever seen in your life part of me.

  7. Missy & Kim. Missy is the one I rocked the most – and her style (especially as a big girl) was dope. Kim of 10 Faces Ago was/is just a freak & unapologetic about it.

  8. No disrespect to nicki, lil Kim, foxy, and eve but I still jam supa dupa fly to this day!!!!’ Hell sock it to me is one of my theme songs

    1. Alright. I listened to a lil bit of everybody but Misdemeanor was the shit. Youll taking me back to the 90s. Recording songs off the radio onto cassette tapes and trading them at school. When Missy, Tim, Magoo, Ginuwine and Aaliyah teamed up….SMH. I miss the 90s!

  9. I was confused by the title when you said titans, I thought you were gonna be putting up Aretha, Patti, and Gladys from the old school, or Mary, Faith, Tamia, Kelly Price etc from the new school, this topic can go on and on.

    On to the topic at hand. Queen Bee-Lil Kim all day long. This chick was a trailblazer and set the bar so high, that even she has had difficulty keeping up with it. I have a thing for strong women with a take no prisoner attitude and she exuded all of that and then some. The first time I heard Hardcore, I was like Whoa, it was light years ahead, in my opinion, this disc change the game. I dont consider Lauryn Hill a straight up rapper, and her skills as a MC dont move me as much as her singing.

    Lil Kim debut had it all; sexual energy, the excesses of designer culture in the 90’s, and the glamorous fem-fatale to tell the stories. “ALL HAIL THE QUEEN”

  10. So mad I’m so late but I was a Foxy boy all day! I could actually identify with the lyrical content, plus she made dark skin the hotness. She was the fusion between fashion and hip hop, being a Dior and Calvin Klein model. She came in the game as a kid with hip hood heavyweights and held her own. And it was real, not just a fantasy. She was the girls I grew up with, my homegirls, the chick everybody wanted to be. Plus Ill Na Na was a classic from the intro to the outro, I skipped no tracks… I love Brown

  11. Lil Kim is just dat Bitch.she the nicest the flyest just everything about her is dope and I doubt anyone will ever be able to match or top what she has done

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