In Delusional Nicki Minaj News…

i hate when pineapples do spiteful shit like this…
so nicki minaj is still grasping at straws.
i kinda forgot all about her.
she popped up on my tl rapping…

…and thought it was an impersonator.
she is light af.
nicki claims that foxy brown is her hip hop “influence”.
a whole inga marchand.
this is what she put on her ig for foxy’s birthday…
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Ya’ll Still Asking Foxy Brown To Do That “Perform” Thing?

…and they got flashman wade hosting clubs now?

smart wolf.
he knows where his bread is buttered.
unlike the others.
so foxy brown is one of the most forgettable vixen rappers in the game.
no icon awards.
no bet awards.
her career is really just a distant memory.
it’s sad because she has good music.
well the philly gays were having a party,
in which flashman wade was hosting,
and asked a very random foxy brown to perform.
they ended up booing her ass right out the building.
according to a tweet and video
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Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown Come Out To Play; Leave Lil’ Kim At Home

(whoa Cam… whats wrong?)

Word on the street is Nicki dug up Foxy Brown from whatever cemetery she was in down in BK.
She was going to surprise the audience with her, and Azealia Banks at Summer Jam.
As you can already guess, that was a NEGATIVE.
Lil Kim, as usual, had a lot to say on Twitter..

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