Ya’ll Still Asking Foxy Brown To Do That “Perform” Thing?

…and they got flashman wade hosting clubs now?

smart wolf.
he knows where his bread is buttered.
unlike the others.
so foxy brown is one of the most forgettable vixen rappers in the game.
no icon awards.
no bet awards.
her career is really just a distant memory.
it’s sad because she has good music.
well the philly gays were having a party,
in which flashman wade was hosting,
and asked a very random foxy brown to perform.
they ended up booing her ass right out the building.
according to a tweet and video


sooooo foxy brown was paid to come perform lastnight @_parksidebanquethal l last night for the Black pride event, was supposed to arrive at 2am showed up at 5am, sat in a corner facing the wall and not her audience, had someone else on stage hyping her up, basically stalling for a whole half hour, dj kept playing her songs but Foxy Brown never took the stage which resulted in the audience booing her out of the building, HOW TACKY OF U FOXY BROWN,how do u come always to the city to put on a show and then not perform for the people who paid and was waiting to see u, like what was the point of coming… definitely lost cool points for that one but made a so called diss track against remyma���� bye girl, when gay people boo ya ass out a building u done fucked up

 you know what i love?
when a pineapple throws shade and is highkey wack af.
if you gonna try to diss someone else,
you should always be on your a-game.
you don’t see a “beyonce” dissing the other girls.
you already know.

they should be more upset they asked that washed up rapper to grace their stage.
she reputation for shenanigans definitely proceeds itself.
a simple google search has all the receipts.
i would have been going to see flashman wade than anything else.
that would be his opening act in my mind.
as far as flashman wade is concerned,
no word on on what he wore:

…but i hope he had those big bunz in the best threads.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Ya’ll Still Asking Foxy Brown To Do That “Perform” Thing?”

  1. That’s too bad I was always and still am a bigger fan of lil Kim’s music. I like maybe one or two of foxy’s songs

  2. Jamari,

    Chile IDK what to say but fix it Jesus! Pride season is upon us and the gurls are actually over and done with these hasbeen washed up acts and also acts that were popping back in the 90s and early 2000s and now their music is available through streaming and stealing meanwhile these mumbled acts and Beyonce are getting the glory but neither of them will perform. The gag is, Beyonce will send a check while Young Thug, Migos, iLoveMakonnen, Frank Ocean, or Taylor Bennett (Chance the Rapper’s brother) may not perform because of their “reputation.”

    IDK, but Blatino Oasis, Heetizm Myami, Houston Splash, and Miami Sizzle need to step up their entertainment game and invite relevant and popular artists to come thru and slay. Not taking anything from Foxy Brown, but it’s like she’s a novelty item. It’s time to refresh the entertainment lineup and start to invite new and upcoming artists that ACTUALLY supports LGBT rights and will sing or rap or dance for the rainbow coin. I mean there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but c’mon nah, the fanbase for most of these vixens and wolves in the music and entertainment industry are the gays. Just saying.

      1. But truthfully, how many “relevant” artists are going to perform at these type of events? As much as they may CLAIM to support LGBT rights, many do not want to be associated with events like these. They don’t want to be labeled gay. Female acts you won’t really have a problem getting them to perform, but the fellas…you can forget it.

        Surprisingly Tank performed at an event I think for Sizzle, but he’s at the tail end of his career. Were these his hit-making years, he wouldn’t be bothered.

      2. Tank will be performing for DC Gay Black Pride Memorial Day Weekend. I just saw the flyer today on IG.Safaree will be there also I am not sure if he is hosting or performing (To be honest I don’t know what Safaree does besides writing raps)

      1. It was booty sculpting! I wanted to go…but after waiting for foxy brown we were all dead tired the next day.

        I was there and it was VERY bad! I’m not really a foxy brown fan so I wasn’t pressed but I know people who came early and stood in front the whole night to see her perform.


  3. There are plenty of gay rappers and singers that they could easily invite instead of going for hasbeens or even newer artists that wouldn’t make a step into a space unless it’s to build on making a career for themselves.

  4. I think I am more curious to know how does Foxy even pay her rent each month, I cant see that she still has Royalty money coming in from album sales from the 90’s. Most performers are out here trying to get booked to pay the bills and this Bish is acting like she has 3 Top Ten songs out on the charts. Talk about someone who will go down in the dustbins of history. I guess she may have qualified for SSI Disability but if she cant get booked on a Black Gay Pride event she really has no other options unless she is going on a busted golden oldie tour on the Chitlin Circuit. Foxy you just always have been all types of WRONG!

  5. lil Kim said it best.
    Yeah bring it on bitch
    You ain’t strong bitch
    Thought you’d be around long
    Wrong bitch
    from Lil Kim – Queen Bitch, Pt. 2
    that’s how I sum up foxy brown

  6. Foxy is not bothered by jackals, hyenas nor these pineapples. Lil’ Kim aka the Siamese cat is a non factor so people stop pretending otherwise.

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