do people like “that man” even feel empathy when they get booed?

when you choose the role of “the villain“,
as much fun as being a menace can be,
you will not be met with applause.
people in your bubble will get on their knees but with everyone else:

dave chappelle had a show that elon musk attended over the weekend.
elon musk got up on stage and was booed mercilessly.
he has been trying to take down this footage on twitter,
but the folks on youtube ain’t letting their foot off his neck…

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Ya’ll Still Asking Foxy Brown To Do That “Perform” Thing?

…and they got flashman wade hosting clubs now?

smart wolf.
he knows where his bread is buttered.
unlike the others.
so foxy brown is one of the most forgettable vixen rappers in the game.
no icon awards.
no bet awards.
her career is really just a distant memory.
it’s sad because she has good music.
well the philly gays were having a party,
in which flashman wade was hosting,
and asked a very random foxy brown to perform.
they ended up booing her ass right out the building.
according to a tweet and video
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#boycotthamilton (Mike Pence Doesn’t Deserve That!)

tumblr_inline_nyvlzziwjg1sm10cy_1280everyone meet a new super villian that batman has to defeat.
his name is mike pence and he is the vp to trump.
in my opinion,
he is the real president who will be running things behind the scenes.
that screams disaster.
well when we he went to see the sold out “hamilton” in new yawk,
he got his wake up call with…
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