do people like “that man” even feel empathy when they get booed?

when you choose the role of “the villain“,
as much fun as being a menace can be,
you will not be met with applause.
people in your bubble will get on their knees but with everyone else:

dave chappelle had a show that elon musk attended over the weekend.
elon musk got up on stage and was booed mercilessly.
he has been trying to take down this footage on twitter,
but the folks on youtube ain’t letting their foot off his neck…


he has to expect this,

He bought a loved social media platform and turned it into a circus
He hasn’t done anything about all the hate speech
Many celebs have abandoned or deactivated their Twitter accounts

Some of his hot takes don’t seem to do him any favors
How he handled the employees who left Twitter was pretty horrific
Having the remaining employees work 1 million hours and for what?

He released jackals that were banished back into the Twitter wild
His appeal to Trump only to got him slandered by the same jackal…

…so why would think that people would cheer him on?
i know some super-rich folks tend to be out of touch but…

Did those boos even register that he might be the common denominator?

it’s me…
i’m the problem it’s…

lowkey: i think he should have bought twitter,
and made it an exciting place to work while staying out of their way.
was it broken and needed to be fixed?
twitter doesn’t need much since it’s thoughts and words.

3 thoughts on “do people like “that man” even feel empathy when they get booed?

  1. If he was looking to turn a failing social media network into something, he should have bought Tumblr and left Twitter alone. He bought twitter and restored Trump in hopes Trump would help fund his projects but Trump is known to bankrupt companies. Now that his plan backfired, he stuck with trying to find what to do with it and you better believe their is a new version of Twitter coming from everybody that left. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did go to Tumblr and try to fuck Elon with a 14 inch dick raw with no vaseline in a virgin hole Oz-style. The way Adebisi fuck Schibetta on the kitchen counter.

  2. Don’t forget he’s being sued for allowing horrible racism at Tesla’s factories. He’s a super-rich racist moron but the US media love him because he always creates drama, just like his buddy Trump. And don’t forget he’s also been exposed as an animal torturer. I just hope he doesn’t bring Twitter down completely. There’s no other platform exactly like it.

    1. ^ i still don’t understand why they allowed him to buy that platform.
      social media isn’t his lane.
      it’s his audience to sell his products and himself.
      it’s not like he is one of those quiet ceos who doesn’t like fame either.

      why he wanted to buy the very thing that he needs is bizarre.

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