christian walker was slightly offended by elijah schaffer so he outed him

christian walker is on a mission to drag cheaters out of the closet.
he found his father,
herschel walker,
wasn’t shit and has been dragging him every chance he got.
i’d pay to see footage of his reaction to his father losing in ga.
so ever since then,
christian has been on the warpath.
elijah schaffer…

who runs the website,
( x slightly offensive ),
had this to tweet about christian and his dad losing:

 which christan responded

i ain’t gonna cap but that was a scalding drag.
every time i see him,

i think he will respond like this:

this is elijah and his wife:


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all the cutsey pics and he is allegedly banging another into the mattress.
i’m starting to believe marriage means nothing on social media these days.

you can bag somebody husband because a majority are down for a sneaky link.
it looks like elijah didn’t respond and it’s best he didn’t.

lowkey: 4 times in one night tho?
talk about stamina and repressed hoeing.
are we gonna glaze over the alleged sexual assault too?

6 thoughts on “christian walker was slightly offended by elijah schaffer so he outed him

  1. This is..interesting.

    I wonder who else he can out?

    I’ve seen personals during Republican conventions on craigslist gay section, so..not surprised.

  2. There are so many racist/homophobic, conservative white men thirsting for bbc in the shadows it’s crazy.

    The DL men in the black community get so much spotlight, but the DL republicans don’t get talked about enough.

  3. Right! All Christian did was light ol boys DMs up w ‘conservative’ hoz (of both sexes) looking to get some pipe at the next convention.

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