so i watched the harry and meghan documentary and well…

i didn’t fully watch the oprah special with harry and meghan.
i saw highlights,
hot takes,
and ( x wrote an entry about my thoughts ).

i came to my own preconceived notions about who i thought they were.
it didn’t help i had people in my ear and view who didn’t care for her.
my “all things royals” stanning friend pressured me to watch the netflix doc,
harry & meghan,
i was left with…

A change of heart and became a lightweight supporter.

i’m not gonna be tuning into everything they do but i get them.
i loved the mother and it seems harry isn’t that far off from that tree.
i felt a lot of meghan not fitting in and feeling different as a kid.
i get her reliving it once she married prince harry.
watching it made me realize something else tho:

All these people out here,
trying to get their time in the spotlight since social media made it easy,
couldn’t handle what really comes with fame and celebrity.

it made me grateful that i never wanted that life.
first off,
i’m a polite person who speaks to everyone.
to be told i can’t speak to reporters because “it looks bad” is so wild to me.
that would be fuckin’ up my groove.
not only that:

Tabloids (and not IG tabloids) trying to get the scoop from your past.
People (including family) getting paid to spill your tea for their come-up.
Being photographed EVERYWHERE you go would be annoying.
You can’t even depend on filters cause they’ll snap you looking crazy.
If you can’t even have a bad day it can be used against you.
The moment you aren’t poppin’,
people are praying for your downfall.
and not only that:

Racism hits harder for black celebs within white spaces.
Crab in the barrel hits harder amongst your own in black spaces.

i see why beyoncé is here today and gone tomorrow.
that isn’t a life to aspire to.
so when i see these male attentionistos upset cause of gay attention,
or these d list “shade room” attentionistos getting mad over comments,
we should realize:

These aren’t real stars.

they would never be able to handle the life of meghan markle.
they’d break,
turn us off,
or take their own lives.

i’ll be tuned in for part 2:

4 thoughts on “so i watched the harry and meghan documentary and well…

  1. This was so well done I’m impressed. Prince Harry although he don’t have much of a butt is a stud! Ms. Meghan is poised..intelligent and simply lovely. No wonder them rotten teeth racist hate her. Ms. Ragland( mom) is also a very poised and dignified Lady. I will never forget how she handled herself during the wedding. So poised in the midst of all that fake royalty!

  2. To tell the truth I didn’t really care about these two for the longest but I did watch a little of the documentary and unlike the mainstream media, I have a deeper appreciation and sympathy for Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex now. The relentless hate she has received wasn’t surprising but to see her discuss and document it definitely made me empathize with her even more. They did this to Harry’s mother, a white woman (the legendary Princess Diana) but then went into overdrive with Meghan because she’s half Black. The other thing it showed was that she had a flourishing career and was an activist before she met him. She didn’t need to be a gold digger but the racist British press and royal family couldn’t bear anything about this Black/mixed woman. She and her husband did the right thing by getting out of that Brexit hellhole. I wish them the best.

  3. I enjoyed it. I got a deeper understanding of what they go through. That UK media is something else. No matter what she do or say, they will want her head on a stick.

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