The Many More Stories To The Aaron Hernandez Debacle

so we are back on a whole new story with aaron hernandez.
you know this ride has to go left a few more times.
so far its:

– drugs
– wrote a letter to his gay lover
– his high school bae was the main
– clucked like a chicken and did the schmoney dance every night before bed

the last part is a lie.
it seems that most of the story has holes in it as is.
according to recent reports,
he wasn’t on drugs,
but allegedly wrote something on the wall of his cell before his suicide.
this is what it was via tmz

Aaron Hernandez did not have any trace of illegal drugs in his system at the time he committed suicide … this according to a new report.

WCBV is reporting the toxicology tests show there was no trace of synthetic marijuana in Hernandez’s system when died  … despite previous reports that claimed there was.

Even more strange — the outlet says Hernandez allegedly drew an unfinished pyramid similar to what’s on the back of U.S. dollar bills on the wall IN BLOOD and wrote “Illuminati” below it in all caps.

As we previously reported, Aaron left behind 3 suicide notes for his fiance, his daughter and his attorney. According to WCBV, in one of those letters he wrote he was entering a “timeless realm” and would see them in heaven.


where did the alleged blood come from?
i thought he hung himself?
what happened to the letter to his gay bae?

i’m telling you,
this shit doesn’t make any sense.
it goes from one extreme to the next.
in my opinion,
 aaron’s death details are being handled by someone who knew someone who aaron allegedly killed.
they are getting their “revenge” by all these alternative facts.
it’s one thing after the next.
i’m waiting for the “transsexual prison guard story” next.
this is gonna make a hell of a movie though.
kindly stay away from it,
lifetime channel.

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Many More Stories To The Aaron Hernandez Debacle”

  1. Lifetime be like: Lifetime proudly presents….The Aaron Hernandez Story, starring Drake as Aaron Hernandez, Teyana Taylor as Aaron’s fiancé, and Justin Bieber as Prison Bae LOLOLOLOL ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂😂😂 I’d die!!! please stay far away lifetime.

  2. I don’t believe anything that has come out since his death.

    The prison lover story was only covered by 1 or 2 less than reputable news outlets and I feel like if it was true and could be proven it would be everywhere.

    This is just conspiracy shit at this point.

  3. In the words of my Aunt Melba Pearl- “Wait just a Damn Minute” this story has more holes than Swiss cheese, all these alternative facts. Aaron was by no means a Saint, but what little reputation he did have has been totally destroyed by all these lies. It is like someone plan this to be a good documentary or movie with all these twists and turns. Maybe one day the truth will finally be revealed.

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