If I Knew Aunt Mary Would Scalp Me This Weekend…

…i wouldn’t have gotten a haircut.
i love when aunt mary j blige is sad.
i hate when some pineapple does her wrong,
but i love when she gets to expressing her feelings on wax.
as much as i love to see auntie mary happy,
like most artists,
they produce the best work when they are in the dark.
i can relate.
so can we talk about this “strength of a woman” album…

i needed this gift.
so needed this.
i love every song.

“glow up”
 “u + me (lessons)”

…were repeatable tho.
there are no favorite tracks because they are all perfect.
i love that she is looking at the positive within the heartache.
that is maturity right there.
thank you mary for helping those of us navigate through our pain.
check it out foxhole:

lowkey: ya’ll ain’t have to go turn up in that alleged side chick mentions tho.

14 thoughts on “If I Knew Aunt Mary Would Scalp Me This Weekend…

  1. Jamari I’m so feeling this album, always been a fan of auntie…@ T’/.\ i m a i a h like jamari said, that second paragraph was on point… Real talk…😉

  2. Omg u make wanna puke, with how fucked up your life is. A cd of something else’s song don’t cure what is wrong with you.

  3. Still Queen…
    I’m listening to the album as I type, so far glow up & thank you are my favorites.
    Shes incredible, this is something that can be felt
    – this was my first comment in the foxhole

    1. ^welcome brittany!

      i’m glad you are feelin this one.
      the foxhole is really liking this release.
      i’ll def add it to mu current rotation.

  4. Well Damn Mary, you did this, just purchased it, and J your review is spot on. This is FIYAH!!!!

      1. LOVING THIS ALBUM. Listening to Thank You made me want to go find Kendu and set his ass on fire as if he cheated and had an affair on me lol. But in all seriousness Kendu is a true testament that some niggas just ain’t shish.

        When someone shows you who they REALLY are, believe them the FIRST time and always know your WORTH and that you are VALUABLE. Sometimes we give too much to people that are UNDESERVING.

        1. ^can we talk about your second paragraph being REAL MUTHAFUCKIN TALK!?!?!?!

          when i heard that line in the song,
          it really dwelled with me.
          that has been one of my problems:

          1) giving chances after seeing how someone really is
          2) not wanting to let go because i didn’t want to be alone

          they are gone so i ended up alone anyway.

  5. Ok people haven’t gone this crazy about a Mary album in a long time. I’m definitely spinning it tonight!

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