I’ve Decided To Be (Basic)

so in a way to save money on my bills,
i decided to downgrade cable to basic.

i think i have like 7 channels.
i wanted to make sure i had the internet tho.
i wasn’t really watching tv all like that.
most of my programs are gone for the summer too.
i was watching a few shows when they first came on,
but sometimes,
id wait and watch them in a full binge session.

Do we really need cable in 2017 anymore?

award shows aren’t really the same to watch live,
you can pretty much watch anything you want online,
netflix’s original programming has come up,

and is it me or have television show seasons gotten relatively shorter?
i’m gonna miss “twitter tv talk”,
but i’ll find a work around until i’m back on my feet.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “I’ve Decided To Be (Basic)”

  1. I honestly feel this I only watch basic cable shows rn and netflix/amazon stuff. I’m thinking about getting on hulu and removing amazon because Hulu has better programs.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, you have to pay for Amazon prime, on top of your subscriptions to Hulu and Netflix. I just left spectrum and looking for new internet provider…$60 for wireless internet, another $70 for basic, two boxes, $24 for dvr service.. an upgrade is an extra $12..😡😡 😑

  3. Here is a site where you can watch ANY free TV show, movie, documentary, and Netflix free…….http://www.thedarewatch.com/

    You absolutely don’t need cable! Good for you! Anything you want to watch live Go to YouTube and search it free. Instructions on how to download Kodi is free on YouTube.

  4. Yeah traditional cable has fallen to the waist-side. I purchased an antenna for about thirty dollars that picks up my local channels, and use PlayStation Vue for about thirty-five dollars a month. For everything else, I just watch online or use Netflix. I can’t see myself every going back to traditional cable to deal with paying for channels I don’t watch, unnecessary fees, long contracts, and just a plain old, overpriced service.

  5. Yeah cable has lost their hold on the main stream, all my coworkers rave about the firestick, Netflix original shows have gotten better but I need them to have better newer movies and not just anything goes on there.

  6. Got rid of cable 3 years ago and never looked back, got a Roku and Wifi and with family and friends passwords from different platforms like Netflix, Hula, HBO Now, Starz etc, I get more than enough TV. I miss live news but Youtube has live streams for CNN and MSNBC and Twitter takes care of the rest, I am a political news junkie. You can barter with friends and family to get one service and you get another one and just trade passwords. You have to be smart and frugal in this economy. I heard the Amazon firestick is the end all, you can see everything on that. I havent even bothered to check it out yet because I am good with what I got. Technology has beat the cable companies at their own game.

      1. LOL I actually got it after visiting my sister and her family for Christmas. My brother-in-law told me about it, so I got one when I came back home. Sadly, I haven’t hooked it up yet.
        Someone told me the other day that Amazon has a subscription service like Netfilx and Hulu? Anyone know if that’s true?

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