naasir johnson wanted to tell the world about his dl boo and got killed for it?

there are some males that will fall for you,
give you the most passionate slow strokes and tongue kissing,
may/will lure you into a relationship,
but will lose their shit when you want to tell the world about it.
those types will still see themselves as “straight” even tho…

Even tho they’ve been knee-deep in your foxhole.
(or you in their fox holes)

some males want to have the same sex experience but privately.
naasir johnson may have thought found the one.
kylen pratt allegedly took naasir’s life so people wouldn’t know it was him.
per the advocate
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Ya’ll Still Asking Foxy Brown To Do That “Perform” Thing?

…and they got flashman wade hosting clubs now?

smart wolf.
he knows where his bread is buttered.
unlike the others.
so foxy brown is one of the most forgettable vixen rappers in the game.
no icon awards.
no bet awards.
her career is really just a distant memory.
it’s sad because she has good music.
well the philly gays were having a party,
in which flashman wade was hosting,
and asked a very random foxy brown to perform.
they ended up booing her ass right out the building.
according to a tweet and video
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I Had Gay Sex… and I Can’t Remember a Thing (Halp!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.28.55 PMwell this story is rather…
everyone meet yuaf mack.
he is a professional boxer wolf who found himself in a little scandal.
he says he wasn’t in his right mind when he appeared in a porn video.
no this doesn’t involve any jackals or cameras hidden behind a teddy bear.
this wolf claims he was drugged when he did a video for dawgpoundusa.
i can see the look on your face now.
well a couple f-bi’s (and a vix-bi) want us to read this via the grio
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Grindr + Horny + Unemployed = Bring Ya Pistol

tumblr_n3n66qxsMh1rj71puo4_400i bet your tail you sit up if something like ^that hit you up.
since the economy is so bad these days,

and the republikkkans turned off unemployment,
a lot of riff raff will be doing “riff raff like” behavior.
innocent people on various social media platforms.
“stick you for ya cream and ya riches
zsa zsa gabor,
demi moore,
prince diana,
and all those rich bitches” – no time, lil kim.
i mean we have talked about the dangers of grindr on many occasions,
but it seems to never get old.
an f-bi sent me a story of a grindr hook up gone completely wrong…
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