Nicki Minaj is Ready To Throw Her Wig Back In The Ring

so cardi b has put some fire under nicki minaj.
as the world celebrates cardi’s weird push into stardom,
nicki apparently has been cooking in the war room.
i think karma has done a number on her at this point.
well she is back and posted these two pics for her new era…

if this is ass…

…they are going to clown tf outta you.
i think she should wait for the cardi hype to die down.
at least while she is breastfeeding.
it seems the industry is not here for nicki,
so whatever she comes out with needs to be a hit.
she can’t be sloppy with whatever she is doing.
we shall see.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj is Ready To Throw Her Wig Back In The Ring”

  1. Has Nicki lost some luster? I ask that seriously… I mean… is she the artist she once was when she started? Or has she plateaued?

      1. “Likes” does not translate into record sales…. Besides she has been the dominant, primary, sometimes only female rapper in the game for damn near 10 years. I think her run is coming to a close. It was a good run but still. See she is a prime example of why there should never be only one because women in entertainment are disposable when they have been in the game a certain amount of time. It’s unfortunate for her because people want somebody new.. just like a hooker, people are not interested in experience they want that fresh turnout. There is always someone younger and tighter looking to fill your shoes. She took Kim’s spot now Cardi is filling hers (not intentionally) just what it is. She had a good run though. Also this is shady but I don’t care, she is not innovating shit with the Cardi B “Foreva” hair-do and Lil’ Kim’s outfit circa 2001-2002. Just saying. Pay a bitch her homage or get your own shit sis…

    1. She has, homegirl has been forced down our throats for what? 10 years now?! By today’s standards she’s had a lifetime career, you can only rap about being a “Barbie” and having a phat pussy for so long, it’s kinda played now, alot of her fans are getting to old to rock with that image and others are old enough to be over it

    2. She peaked. Her only destination is downward. If she doesn’t come with something original/unique, and hard…she can hang it up.

      Like Cardi B, I never thought she was that great either. Especially with the surgical ass and tits. At least she had a couple of songs and verses that I like, unlike Cardi B.

  2. As a fan of Nicki all the way back to her mixtape days, I must say im interested and ready to see wat she got. That being said she gotta come correct cuz last year was a doozy for her and ppl want hip hop Nick not pop Nick. Especially wit Cardi’s album being pretty decent she gotta show and prove.

  3. I agree that Nicki should wait a little bit for the Cardi hype to calm down. She’s damned if she waits and damned if she don’t. This music industry doesn’t want some women to win, especially two black women at the same time.

  4. I wish she would’ve focused on releasing one undeniable hit!

    She tried this once before with that beef with Remy and we saw how that went.

    I can only assume she knows what’s riding on this and both songs are bops.

    She still hasn’t made a classic yet. Her last album was trash and she had to much Meek Mill on there and he was rapping circles around her on her own album.

  5. Nick has won best female hip hop at the Bet Awards for the past several years. I’m dying to see her face when Cardi gets in this year.

  6. Two singles is just playing herself at this point. I like Nicki but this is her make or break era. I feel like the Cardi forced train has pushed Nicki to an edge to the point where this is truly her test. I will still listen to her album because I prefer her music over Cardi’s however I honestly think the industry are over her. She had over 120 THOUSAND comments on that picture but I think that was mianly based off on anticipation. We will see if all those people will buy her album once the hype wears off.

    And Cardi’s hype has just begun. All I see is more features for Cardi throughout the year. She has something that Iggy didn’t. the hip hop cosign. All these black celebrities are on her bandwagon for some weird reason but that will help her prosper. She is not slowing down anytime soon. I want to hear rapping too, the pop sound has become played out.

  7. I’m a fan of both but honestly Nicki ain’t going nowhere. Chick has sold millions of albums, not streams, albums and broke another record the other day. Cardi is dope but they’re in two different lanes. I think the industry and these fake fans are phony as fuck. One minute everybody loves her than when Cardi gets some shine they want her to lose. Smh. Her Barbz are loyal her music will sell numbers

  8. It’s a shame people act like these two women can’t coexist at the same time. Cardi is taking nobody spot but hers. She’s creating her room in the game. Nicki is keeping hers and nobody can take it from her because nobody can be nicki. Why can’t people listen to both? Why it always has to be a comoetition? Why should Nicki wait for cardi to fade? And you never read the kind of things with male rappers. This is not some type of hunger games there can only be one shit. I hope they collab some day so people just end that fake beef they created in their own minds when neither of these women actually said anything bad about each other.

    1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They did collabo, Motosport, the reviews were mostly mixed. I agree with everything you said.

  9. Hmm. If I were Nicki I would’ve waitied until 2019 to drop. That may sound silly but I think she could get away with that. I mean she’s dropping right in the middle of the cardi wave and it could backfire. But on the bright side this is the most action(MUSICAL) female rap has had in YEARS.

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