This Might Just Send Khloe Kardashian Into An Early Labor

how you get em is how you lose em.
khloe kardashain thought she snagged a prize.
even i thought tristan thompson was legit.
sidebar: i’ve seen him in person.
he is handsome af,
shaped like a straight vixen with those hips and tail.

well all these receipts came out the closet today with him.
this is “so” not gonna be good for khloe’s pregnancy…

cc: the daily mail

cc: the shade room

i bet his ex jordy,
the one he for khloe while pregnant:

is somewhere doing my favorite face:

why the vixen he cheated with looks like a jordy clone???????
i cannot believe tristan was out in new yawk being so messy tho.
we leave celebs alone out here,
but we’ll have our phones out in a second.
that right there shows he is the “stupid messy”.
not even lowkey like his other teammates.

folks need to realize karma is so real.
they think they can do wrong and it’ll pass.
nah homie.
it always comes back to sit you the fuck down.
no one won besides the random vixen who just got her insta-15.
she got to ride some baller pipe on nice sheets,
probably finagled him out a few coins,
and will send that “headache” back to it’s owner.
sounds like the “jamari fox” way to me!
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: i bet “cruella de jenner” is already drafting up next season’s storyline:

“the hurt and wounded big one”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “This Might Just Send Khloe Kardashian Into An Early Labor”

  1. Shorty was getting a feel on that dick after he adjusted wasn’t she? Tristan fine though. With great buns. Buns Bunny.

  2. This all looks very staged. No one has been talking about Khloe for awhile now, so what’s the easiest headline to cook up that they haven’t done yet? BOOM. A cheating scandal while poor Khloe is pregnant.

  3. All I see is another storyline for their fake ass reality show. These dudes are trash,but the kardashians still love them so idgaf lol.

  4. @Jamari… do you have the alleged sex tape that the girl posted? I cant find it. lol

  5. I smell a rat. The Kardashians have NO shame and we know they have connections with most media including TMZ.

    I also don’t believe Tristan was dumb enough to be doing this shit in public knowing he’s in a high profile relationship.

    Then the timing is very suspicious with all of this video evidence at one time.

    I feel like Khloe just wanted some black sperm, not him. This is probably her exit strategy in dumping him since she has what she wants. She was the oldest sibling with no kid.

    1. Yup Aunt Kris is about to get that ass together! Now that he wants to be out of the sunken place lol

      Btw Khloe isn’t the oldest , she was the youngest until the Jenner’s came 😉

      1. I said she’s the youngest without a kid. I doubt Kendall is even the child bearing type so she was essentially the last one.

  6. Something seems so off with the timing on this. The club video he was with the two vixens happened back in October, so why wasn’t he exposed then vs now? Like how did this footage just come about.

  7. I have the strongest feeling the Kardashian’s are the type to GENUINELY not give a fck if they’re men cheat, jus as long as they continue to save face for the reality show, image, and cameras, so I doubt mamas that stressed

  8. They all hoes, playing musical beds, I believe Khloe just wanted a baby by a rich black athlete, Tristan so dumb, he’ll fuck around and get another hoe pregnant! Hell I can get him off and he wouldn’t be trapped for 18+yrs. Lol

    1. Yes, that basically ALL that was. I mean this bitch was fucking him raw in a couple of months of meeting him. Hell, probably the first damn time they fucked.

  9. i don’t have any sympathy for Kloe… she is rich and will move on to the next Jackal… now she is tied to this ninja for life with this child.

  10. can we talk about that weird shaped booty of hers?? not shaming, but those pics do not look flattering at all.

    1. It drives the fellas crazy. They LOVE those fake distorted asses.

      He’s not that good looking and she looks like a wannabe Kim K.

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