Some of Ya’ll Can’t Handle Being Turned Down

there are some real crazy folks out in the world today.
it’s like you want to go and meet folks in this life,
but they either missing screws or just want to screw you.
well how about both?
a foxholer sent in a story that has me so damn confused,
but i’m sure there is a lesson in it for some of us.
so a trans he jackal was obsessed with his gay male coworker.
after getting turned down by said coworker,
things got super ugly.
this is the story via “queerty”

Ali Malik says his life was made a “living hell” after being falsely accused of rape by a former co-worker.

Lucien Harris is a trans man who used to identify as Lottie Harris. Before transitioning, Harris became infatuated with Malik when they worked together at a restaurant in Essex.

When Malik, who is openly gay, turned down Harris’ advances, Harris went awol.

Between September 2016 and July 2017, he made nearly two dozen false allegations against Malik, including accusing him of shoving his penis inside the letterbox of his front door and raping him at knifepoint on two separate occasions.

Speaking before a Worcester Crown Court last week, Malik said, “I have been arrested twice and I have been interviewed numerous times by the police. In total, I have spent 24 hours in a police cell–24 hours I will never get back.”

He continued, “I feel like I have been living in limbo for the past 18 months. Initially, I did not feel that anyone believed me. I feel like I have been treated like a criminal. Even though I protested my innocence, I was still interviewed on numerous occasions.”

The experience left him feeling “scared and isolated”, even though, he says, “I knew that I had done nothing wrong.”

“I had visions of being sent to prison and no one believing me.”

Yesterday, Harris admitted six counts of perverting the course of justice at Worcester Crown Court on Monday. The judge handed him a two-year suspended prison sentence and ordered to complete 300 hours of community service.

Harris was also ordered to pay Malik £2,500 ($3,500.00 U.S.) compensation and issued a restraining order preventing him from contacting his victim.

I only wish that you had shown the smallest respect for Ali Malik, whose life has been made a living hell for months,” the judge said. “The police decided that they would not take any sort of action because by then they knew what they were dealing with–and what they were dealing with was a liar.”

“It’s perfectly obvious that Mr. Malik has done nothing that can explain why you have gone on this campaign against him.”

Afterward, Malik told reporters he doesn’t think Harris will ever pay him the money. He also feels the sentence was “far too lenient” and that the judge was “too soft.”

“I tried to fight for justice but feel I’ve got nothing out of it,” he said. “It feels like nothing can be done no matter how I try or who I go to.”

reminds me of:

this is the trans he jackal:

cc: metro uk

i agree the sentence is too light.
this character needs a padded cell and a 2-4 year banishment.
let me tell you foxhole,
there are some folks out here that don’t understand the words:

“not interested”
“i’m good but thanks”

vixens are getting shot for turning jackals down now.
you don’t even have to be attractive to have this happen to you.
it’s just something about YOU that makes folks go absolutely crazy.
your scent can turn someone on to the point of infatuation.
when you turn them down,
they go bonkers.
there are quite a few good looking stalkers out here too.
the ones that are use to getting everyone to bow down,
but can’t compute why you turned them down.
so they result in:

slandering your name in the forests
stalking/trolling your social media
having temper tantrums in “bat shit crazy”

be vigilant.

lowkey: i’m so glad i have a fear of rejection in my spirit.
in all honesty,
i like the male to initiate first because with some males today…

article cc: queerty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Some of Ya’ll Can’t Handle Being Turned Down”

  1. Chile…why do I have a feeling this person “transitioned” because he thought he would have a better chance with the dude since he was gay. I know transmen, like any other gender, shouldn’t be expected to look a certain way but come on…This person doesn’t look like anybody’s transman. This just looks like a woman who conveniently decided to call herself a “he” when she found out her coworker’s sexuality. I mean it’s fathomable; look at everything else “he” has done for the man’s attention.

  2. I’ve experienced this before but in my situation it was a fine guy on jackd who was married and once he disclosed that I said I’m not interested. When I was younger I did that shit but I’ll be 31 in August I don’t have time. He called me all kinds of names. I blocked him and he started messaging me from different accounts idk how but it was messy. They hate hearing no especially when so many tell them yes

  3. Chile….I experienced a situation like this when I was younger. The whole thing was messy and crazy. I told the guy I wasnt interested and he started stalking me! He would show up EVERYWHERE I went, started harassing people e would see me with.. just a mess! Last time I saw him I walked out my front door around 11:30 pm and he was sitting on my porch. I turned him down again and he ran in the middle of the street and laid down. Said if he couldn’t be with me he didn’t want to live. My neighbors heard the commotion and came to see if I was alright. They eventually called the police and the guy was arrested. Some Ppl just really don’t know how to take no for an answer

  4. I like you last line, J…” i like the male to initiate first because with some males today…”

    These dudes are something else. They can be eyeing you, and the moment you give eye contact back, they’re screaming on you. What the fuck you looking at, etc.?
    Like really, you were looking at ME!
    But the ones that cannot take no for an answer…they are definitely ones you have to watch out for. They have serious mental issues. It can get dangerous too.

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