Some of The Best Sexual Harassment You Might Get Is In The Gym

the gym is the perfect place for the dl to get fucked.
it is.
i’ve heard the stories of some of the infamous gyms in new yawk.
planet fitness on 125th street.
folks be having full orgies in steam rooms.
a f-bi told me of a certain attentionisto who was fuckin’ in a new yawk gym recently.
legit fuckin some fox with no fucks to give.
well one wolf is suing an equinox gym in new yawk for sexual harassment.
this is what a foxholer sent me via “the daily mail”

A man claims he was sexually harassed at a New York City gym when three men in a steam room with him dropped their towels and started pleasuring themselves. 

The alleged victim has filed a lawsuit against the fitness chain Equinox, after claiming he was enjoying an afternoon steam at the location on Broadway in Gramercy Park last November.   

‘I’m relaxing, I’m sitting in the corner, it’s very meditative,’ the man, identified in court papers as just GB, told the New York Post.

‘The steam clears… And I look across from me. This gentleman, sitting pretty close, his towel is open, his legs are spread and he’s looking right at me, and the guy next to him was rubbing [the man’s] inner thigh. 

‘He’s looking right at me, his towel’s off, and he’s masturbating.’ 

GB, who is a straight single father, told the paper that he then looked around and realized the third man in the steam room at the time was also masturbating.

He then said he panicked and thought he wouldn’t be able to escape – worried the three men might overpower him and sexually assault him

The alleged victim then quickly left the steam room, dressed and went to the front desk to report the incident, but said staff members didn’t take any action

He said the incident left him ‘shaken up.’  

GB also alleges in the Manhattan Supreme Court Filing that Equinox ‘has known for as much as 10 years prior that similar wrongful acts were occurring in its steam showers.’ 

In a recording, taken by GB and obtained by the Post, the manager of the fitness chain location acknowledged it was a problem.

‘It’s something that every gym in New York City, not just Equinox, has an issue with,’ the manager can be heard saying.

i see why most of the “straight” work out warrior wolves go when it’s empty.
if you notice on some of their igs,
they go during “no pervert hours”.
whatever time that is.
the manager is right tho.
there is a lot of craziness that happens in the dl side of the gyms.
it’s the new “bath house” or “in the bushes after 12am”.
since most of these folks spend their whole lives in the gym now,
especially dl males,
they can get some dick/tail/both after a good work out.
it’s so wild that all it takes is the stroke of a pipe to get the party started.
so i had a question for the foxhole…

Have you ever been sexually harassed in the gym?

let’s read about it!

lowkey: what i don’t like is the thirst buckets who secretly record males in locker rooms.
these males are changing,
naked af,
and they’re getting recorded on the low.

that is a new level of wtf i don’t care for.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Some of The Best Sexual Harassment You Might Get Is In The Gym”

  1. I hope this is not true because some of these male fitness models on ig both gay and straight work with that gym brand

  2. Chile they at the gym getting they bussy beat up. Lol I need to find me a gym in Washington Heights. Meet me a nice Dominican wolf. I’ll also go to whatever gym Derek Tramel is at. Lol Am I the only one slightly aroused and grossed by said events. There need to be something done however at that gym if these things are happening. They are bold in New Yawk. I haven’t seen this type of behaviour here in ATLANTA yet.

  3. Greedy as gay dudes. Not everybody you meet in the steam room is gay. Now, it would have been funny had it been a sting. If they were smart they would have initiated some kind of “Ok” communication (eye contact, a hard on, or at least some flirty talk). I have learned a lot working at my job where men that expose themselves in the locker room with some nice beautiful limp dick, they are just comfortable in their skin and more power to them, and i enjoy watching and talking to them tho. I have enough restrain to control myself just as i’m talking to my BF. But I can tell you, yes certain places have happy hr especially in the evening, no lie. all you need is you and another person, that’s it. I can see plenty of stuff happening in steam room with the motor going. Oh, I also must mention sometime these areas do bring out another side to these so called “Straight men”. I’m just saying

      1. Ironically, I’m amazed most guys don’t have a profile on the app and could be offline. so tight lip being on the low….

      2. Oh yeah, what surprised me the most is when I get hit on by those Jewish guys with the yarmulke. Do not let them fool you and they like black men!!

  4. I can’t stand these secret recording ass mofos either. And it’s not only changing. There are ppl that will legit stand over stalls and record strangers on the toilet. And then get mad when they shit gets taken down calling ppl haters. Some of these folks have legit said “fuck your privacy” to get views or call themselves a freak. But let they ass get caught and end up charged as a sexual predator (if they lucky) and then see them talk bout ppl is overreacting and it ain’t that serious.

    Honestly, some take the whole “shoot your shot” and being bold and direct way past too far. I don’t know how they gonna try and fix the problem tho.

  5. Lol if you’re an avid gym goer you’ll know there is no such thing as “no pervert hours” it’s even worse late at night when there’s no one on the floor.

    You just have to project the image that you are not the one to try.

    I rarely even go in locker rooms, saunas, and hot tubs because people are too bold and gym employees don’t want to deal with the paperwork involved in kicking perverts out of the gym.

  6. In other news water is wet. I have been seeing this behavior going on for years at various gyms and 90 percent of the time it is White men who are bold with it, and Hispanic men come in a close second, most of the Black dudes who engage in this behavior like White and Hispanic men. Rare occasions, I have seen a Sauna with all Black dudes go at it. After seeing all this recording on Tumblr, I rarely go to the shower anymore or to the wet area at my gym. I am very cautious at the gym I attend after seeing this dude who goes to my gym all over Tumblr, I dont know him but one of my homeboys do and I told him to alert the dude and he was in shock because he had no idea and all of his business what out there for the world to see, just foul. He is like really young too and that post got like thousands of notes so it will be around forever. It was so damn creepy and now I look at everybody in the locker room with suspicion.

    In my years at the gym, I have seen it all from one time being in the Wet Sauna and this muscular Black dude with a horse dick in some speedos fuck this Hispanic dude, the Hispanic dude literally sat on his penis and rode him. I was in shocked but I cant lie, I did watch, I was not ready but it was a hot scene if I tell the truth, I saw a real live power bottom up close that day. I was nervous that we were all going to be busted LOL. I have seen dudes jacking, sucking, you name it, the first gym I joined Bally’s fitness was notorious for this. Now I must say the 24Hr Fitness in Ladera Heights, California a suburb of Los Angeles has the freakiest Black men I ever witnessed in the shower. So many of these men can fulfill their desire to watch and be stimulated by naked men at the gym without anyone suspecting anything.

    As long as their are gay men around this behavior will continue. What I dont like about gay dudes is they are so damn disrespectful with this carrying on, they have no respect if dudes are str8 or not, they dont care, they get so wrap up into sexual behaviors all common sense goes out the window. I have detailed before how a little Hispanic dude was looking at this muscular Black dude at my gym one day in the shower and the Black dude went postal on his ass and had all the white and Hispanic dudes in a panic when he started shouting he wasnt no damn faggot. I never seen so many dudes getting dressed so fast to get out of there.

    At this point it is part of the territory and sexy and muscular Black dudes whether str8 or gay are at the top of all races list, dudes of other races will openly stare at them, flirt, offer them money whatever it takes. It is almost comical how these whites are about us behind closed doors, the negative picture they put on for the world is nothing like the lust in their hearts for Black men at the gym. I really dont know what a gym can do to stop this behavior besides putting cameras in the locker room and wet area and that is an invasion of privacy nobody is going to stand for.

    1. ^i love how you shed light on this t.
      the whites can be super thirsty for the bbc.
      i can also see how some of these work out warriors get into sex work too.
      many are still dorks in their new bodies,
      but they are money making machines with the hustle.

      i love these stories and would love to read more!

  7. All of this shit is creepy to me idc. I’ve been a gym goer for 4 years and have never seen any behavior like this luckily. Some dudes are so out of control.

  8. Older gay/dl white men are probably the worst. I’m not ageist, but they will literally stare at you like a deer caught in headlights. Not subtle at all. Like eye fucking you as if that will make you agree to sex.

    Depending on where you live, the crowd may vary but the gym cruising is always going on. Those same boys you see on IG posing in front of a mirror in tight leggings with their bulge showing aren’t doing it just for their followers.

    1. YES this is true! And guess what? This old white guy who works as a cashier at my supermarket was winking at me TODAY. The disrespect was real. You might not be ageist but I am a proud ageist because this old dudes especially these expired flour queens have zero respect for others.

  9. What Donny just brought up is a whole other conversation. Hmmmm I wonder just how many instaboys so to say are not just posting for followers but for potential clients as well. Now I’m just curious as to the amount of attentionistos who are out there offering more than a bulge so to say. I can think of a many of the back. IS INSTAGRAM THE NEW RENT BOY? Jamari this could be your next potential post.

  10. Hmm. . I think I go to the wrong gym. I have never seen anything like this and I have been going for almost 10 years

  11. Most people who go to the gym know what goes on in the locker room/showers/sauna… In DC it got so bad at one gym that they had a security guard who stood outside of the sauna and patrolled the showers…I heard that eventually the guard started getting involved in the action….. an older guy walked into the showers one day and whatever he walked into was so shocking that he had a heart attack and was taken out on a stretcher.

    When I go to the gym I go to the locker room and change from my sweat pants to shorts and go out to the floor…when I am finished I change back into my sweats and may change my shirt depending on how sweaty I get and then I leave…

    1. ^ LMAO! @ an older guy walked into the showers one day and whatever he walked into was so shocking that he had a heart attack and was taken out on a stretcher…

      i legit laughed.

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