Some of The Best Sexual Harassment You Might Get Is In The Gym

the gym is the perfect place for the dl to get fucked.
it is.
i’ve heard the stories of some of the infamous gyms in new yawk.
planet fitness on 125th street.
folks be having full orgies in steam rooms.
a f-bi told me of a certain attentionisto who was fuckin’ in a new yawk gym recently.
legit fuckin some fox with no fucks to give.
well one wolf is suing an equinox gym in new yawk for sexual harassment.
this is what a foxholer sent me via “the daily mail”
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persons-0022_largei broke ( x my path ).
i ended up…
and exploded all over myself earlier.
i feel so disappointed with myself foxhole.
i was really trying hard to focus.
i will say i was so spiritually connected tho.
i’m going to try again starting tomorrow for monday.

Don’t Jack Me Off

paint_splatter_by_the_tiger_thief-d5vc1o1rumor has it,
when a baller wolf has a big game,
the coach stresses that he doesn’t have sex.
as i know that is… hard for some,
all that pent up energy helps them focus on the task ahead.
so if your baller wolf doesn’t want to beat up your guts during the season,
you know the reason why.
it also explains why they end up having all these random cubs.
all that sperm and turkey basters…
i get it now.
well in hearing that,
‚Äčive decided something starting tomorrow
(as you can tell this will be a 18^ and nsfw entry)
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He Is My J.O.B

Last night,
I busted a GOOD nut.
I let Devin Thomas beat the hell out of me.
We were having the most intense make up sex ever.
I do not know what came over me….
…but¬† I know he did.
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