He Is My J.O.B

Last night,
I busted a GOOD nut.
I let Devin Thomas beat the hell out of me.
We were having the most intense make up sex ever.
I do not know what came over me….
…but  I know he did.

After I was looking at pictures of Devin Thomas yesterday,
I got intsa-horny and I needed to do something about it.
I made him my J.O.B and I went IN later on that night.
It was exceptionally good
(since I haven’t thought about him for a while)
and I went straight to bed.
I literally keeled over and was in Dream-land smoking a cigarette.

Foxes and Wolves,
do you have a J.O.B?
(Fox-language: J.O.B = Jack Off Brotha/Boi)

If so, who?
If my sexual reputation was based on how many Wolves I mentally fucked,
I would go down as a legend.
I have fucked actors, porno stars, ballers, and even some of my friend’s men. I am literally THAT much of a ho.
I have a couple main J.O.Bs where
all I need to do is think about them and I am horny as shit….

Devin Thomas
Adrian Peterson
Dez Bryant
Emmanuel Saunders
Lebron James (don’t judge me)
Percy Harvin
Trey Songz
Omari Hardwick
Ace Rockwood
Justin Slayer
J. Strokes
Janet Jackson (yes, she is so fuckin’ sexy to me)
Dude who works at my job
Couple random dudes I seen on the street and online
My home girl’s boyfriend
My homeboy’s cousin
My X
DaDonDread (his chest does things to me) and YngBlkWolf >;-)
…and so on and on and so on…
Some I don’t even remember.

I just need to SEE them.
The best part?
They are ALWAYS good at fuckin’ my brians out.
Truth be told, most good looking men are terrible in bed because they don’t have to be. They just lay there and expect you to do all the work.
In your fantasies,
the outcome is always the same,
THEY MAKE YOU CUM… sometimes 2, 3, 4, or 11 times.
Sorry when I get in, I get in it.

Sometimes I’ll be thinking about one and switch right to the next.
I have A.D.D when it comes to certain J.O.Bs, and may need to incorporate another to finish the JOB.
Sidenote: I always wonder if I’m ever anyone’s J.O.B?
Hopefully some dude has chosen me mentally to help him cum at night.

I’m just that kind of Fox.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “He Is My J.O.B”

    1. Oh did we?
      Well you were moving into my building and you were wearing nothing but a wife beater. I came up to you to intro myself. I helped you move a box inside and you fucked me like a dog on your couch.

      Yup. I worked you out too.

      1. I hope you didn’t nutt all over my new couch; cuz that’s a ‘punishable’ offense…let me see where I packed the cuffs and ties

  1. We all do have J.O.Bs. For me, they are people in my company, friends, porn stars, random men in the streets and malls etc.

  2. YngBlkWolf :

    I hope you didn’t nutt all over my new couch; cuz that’s a ‘punishable’ offense…let me see where I packed the cuffs and ties

    Well I would have been a good Fox, but you just threw me down on the couch and went IN.

  3. i tried making a J.O.B list but i have so many. ive devided mine by sports, t.v/movie,performers, and jus sexy ass niggas i see every day

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