Not Playing With A Full Deck

Ace Rockwood blocked me on Twitter.
I’m confused but…

LOL I have arrived!

It’s pretty funny, YET ironic, he did that.

Isn’t he like a gay porno star?
Or is he playing gay to ultimately go to straight porn?
If so, he needs to stop smoking.

I managed to address him making comments to a straight porno star about some porno actress he was thinking of fucking on some later date.

I had to tweet: wait… are you bi?

Which, in fact, he did in fact re-tweet
so I thought all was good in the hood.

To think, I supported him and his work.
I thought he was talented at fuckin’

PLUS my blog is read by everyone.

BOOM: Instant promotion for his growing brand.
+ a few shout outs from those at the bottom.
I’m not there yet but I like to give love to those who are.

… BUT, he blocked a FAN.
A fan who is planning on going to higher heights than just some blogger.
Not like I was an obsessed fan (like his groupies),
but I gave the brotha some support.

I wasn’t going to be swinging off his pubic hairs
like those thirsty groupies on his Twitter.

“Ace, tell such and such that you are mine.”
“No, he is mine.”
“Ace I love you! Fuck me!”

Has anyone seen his wall?
It is filled with 14 year olds,
acting like they are fighting over the only toy left on the shelf.

I told him straight up what I wanted AND tweeted him.
Out of shits and giggles, let’s be serious…

But, insecurity is such a scary thing, isn’t it?

J . Strokes and Flash Brown,
two STRAIGHT porno stars in the business,
showed me a lot of love and support.
Even CJ Wright was talking with me briefly.

I hope this was all a mistake… on Ace’s end.
His head seems to be getting way to big…. and not the one that helps him pay his bills.

I should send him a slice of humble pie.

Too close this out —-> MY FANS,
those same Foxes and Wolves who support me,

won’t see his work on here.

He lost.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Not Playing With A Full Deck”

  1. Odd considering that the times that I’ve seen him (I had to google him), it was in gay flicks. I guess these clowns get a little shine and want to act brand new. Next.

  2. That is the thing that got me. We are pretty much fighting the same battle, but he sliced me and showed he is only out for self.

    I can’t stop my Foxes and Wolves from enjoying his work. He is a good J.O.B but I know he will not grace the Foxhole until he gets right!

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