Not Playing With A Full Deck

Ace Rockwood blocked me on Twitter.
I’m confused but…

LOL I have arrived!

It’s pretty funny, YET ironic, he did that.

Isn’t he like a gay porno star?
Or is he playing gay to ultimately go to straight porn?
If so, he needs to stop smoking.

I managed to address him making comments to a straight porno star about some porno actress he was thinking of fucking on some later date.

I had to tweet: wait… are you bi?

Which, in fact, he did in fact re-tweet
so I thought all was good in the hood.

To think, I supported him and his work.
I thought he was talented at fuckin’

PLUS my blog is read by everyone.

BOOM: Instant promotion for his growing brand.
+ a few shout outs from those at the bottom.
I’m not there yet but I like to give love to those who are.

… BUT, he blocked a FAN.
A fan who is planning on going to higher heights than just some blogger.
Not like I was an obsessed fan (like his groupies),
but I gave the brotha some support.

I wasn’t going to be swinging off his pubic hairs
like those thirsty groupies on his Twitter.

“Ace, tell such and such that you are mine.”
“No, he is mine.”
“Ace I love you! Fuck me!”

Has anyone seen his wall?
It is filled with 14 year olds,
acting like they are fighting over the only toy left on the shelf.

I told him straight up what I wanted AND tweeted him.
Out of shits and giggles, let’s be serious…

But, insecurity is such a scary thing, isn’t it?

J . Strokes and Flash Brown,
two STRAIGHT porno stars in the business,
showed me a lot of love and support.
Even CJ Wright was talking with me briefly.

I hope this was all a mistake… on Ace’s end.
His head seems to be getting way to big…. and not the one that helps him pay his bills.

I should send him a slice of humble pie.

Too close this out —-> MY FANS,
those same Foxes and Wolves who support me,

won’t see his work on here.

He lost.


7 thoughts on “Not Playing With A Full Deck

  1. That is the thing that got me. We are pretty much fighting the same battle, but he sliced me and showed he is only out for self.

    I can’t stop my Foxes and Wolves from enjoying his work. He is a good J.O.B but I know he will not grace the Foxhole until he gets right!

  2. #confusedheadscratch Wooow… I think he needs to remind himself that he fucks duuuudes for a living.

  3. Odd considering that the times that I’ve seen him (I had to google him), it was in gay flicks. I guess these clowns get a little shine and want to act brand new. Next.

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