Charge It… To His Card

I love love.
No, what you see isn’t a mistake.
I love love.
I’ll keep the vomit inducing mushy stuff to a minimum.
I got A Fox Brothel to run…

Yesterday on my lunch break,
Star Fox had a to run an errand.
He called me to join him so he wouldn’t be bored.
His Wolf,
who goes by Mr. Big Wolf,
needed him to buy a shirt for an exclusive event they were attending later on.

Star Fox is mean when it comes to the threads
so this was definitely right up his alley.
Mr. Big Wolf handed Star Fox his credit card…


He just said, “Here ya go. Make me look nice tonight and while you at it, make yourself look good too.”


that is what I am talking about.
Not even about the money aspect,
but he trusted him enough to leave Star Fox his plastic.
You know black folks don’t just hand over credit cards
all willy nilly now.
I am happy to be around Foxes who get spent on, rather than spend.
Nothing wrong with ya Wolf spoiling you with love…
(in more ways than 1).

As we walked through the aisles looking at
Versace and other name brands,
this random Wolf was eye fuckin the hell out of me at the register.
Nothing new there *eye roll*.

He was much shorter than me but no doubt, he was pretty cute.
His girlfriend (or what appeared to be) was also cute too.
Add another: *eye roll*

Why do they stare me down when standing next to some female?
Am I suppose to go over and play: “Hey remember me from elementary school?! You know, the guy you wiped snot on? What is your number? Let’s catch up?”

Uuuuhhhhhhh, negativo.

I had to get back to work, but Star Fox bought his Wolf
a nice dress shirt and vest.
I am sure he will like it.

I had to wonder when we separated to go forth to our directions,
“When will it be my turn?”

… I guess I’ll keep on keepin’ on until my big Wolfie comes…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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