Maravilla Drops His Towel

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 1.46.24 AMi’m just going to say it:

maravilla is sexier than borrell jr

even tho they both have the “attentionisto” spirit all over them,
maravilla seems to have a natural sex appeal.
plus he looks like he would be better in bed.
i could be wrong.
well maravilla decided to tease his audience with a video he deleted quickly.
well the foxhole alerted me and i got it before he got rid of it…
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You Got Me Feelin’ So Sick Right Now

im-sick-tumblri-go-through-tissues-cough-drops-and-water---chibird-6blxhbuwwell whatever and whatever everyone has got me.
i woke up today feeling like trash.
time to pull out my handy dandy “sick box”.
similar to the pic above.
you will always find the “get better” essentials in my crib.
now if only this sick box came with a wolf to rub vicks all over me.

foXXX: The Wolf and The Snow Fox In Stockings

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.21.32 PMyup.
well he and that body love him some snow foxes.
especially the ones from the uk who wear stockings to bed.
i know!
well this is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”
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Is He Lying Tho?

i laughed so hard that snot flew out my nose.

lowkey: i detect no lies in his statement.

B.J. Daniels Got Me Feeling Like I Want To Give Him A BJ

072213-Rookie-Headerb.j. daniels is the new rookie on the san francisco 49ers.
is this team the new “wolves id let smash”?
he was drafted from usf.
well i ventured over to hoodsworld’s neck of the woods and well…

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Warningafter yesterday’s issue,
i wanted to post the updated DISCLAIMER for the foxhole.
just so everyone (included the lurkers in the forest) are aware…