creepin’ on the down low

So I creep yeah
‘Cause he doesn’t know what I do
And no attention goes to show…”

you remember that moment when you saw your work crush?
you didn’t know his name but you became the f-bi to get it?
that was levon and i.
episode 5 is up and here is an excerpt…

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cum and read me (season 1)

many of the foxholers like when i write stories.
ya’ll know i was in my bag with the short sex stories in foxhole’s past.
i decided to start writing a story and…

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he killed you and got off easy because of “gay panic”

Did you know that if you are gay/trans and are killed by a straight male,
he may get off from seeing any jail time because of something called the “gay panic defense”?

bet some of you didn’t know this as i didn’t.
i learned about it while watching the last episode of “last call: when a serial killer stalked queer new york” on max.
during the hyena’s first murder in college,
where he killed a gay male and dumped him in the ocean,
they used that defense that allowed him his freedom.
if they would have hauled his ass to prison in 1973,
he wouldn’t have gone on years later to brutally murder other gays.
big yikes,
let’s look deeper at the law via wiki…

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khloe kardashian is gonna have ya’ll claiming brain trauma due to cheating?

i liked when khloe kardashian was “the big one”.
this was when kkk first came on the scene.
she was outspoken and shook the table.
i felt she didn’t put up with her family’s shit,
especially kim,
and made sure we all knew that.

It seems like as the years went on,
she wanted to be just like Kim.

…because she has cheffed up her face and bawdy to be “like the rest”.
khloe has had it pretty rough with dating.
low self-esteem will do that to ya.
she claims that she has brain trauma in a recent episode.
tristan thompson” is why…

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Maravilla Drops His Towel

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 1.46.24 AMi’m just going to say it:

maravilla is sexier than borrell jr

even tho they both have the “attentionisto” spirit all over them,
maravilla seems to have a natural sex appeal.
plus he looks like he would be better in bed.
i could be wrong.
well maravilla decided to tease his audience with a video he deleted quickly.
well the foxhole alerted me and i got it before he got rid of it…
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You Got Me Feelin’ So Sick Right Now

im-sick-tumblri-go-through-tissues-cough-drops-and-water---chibird-6blxhbuwwell whatever and whatever everyone has got me.
i woke up today feeling like trash.
time to pull out my handy dandy “sick box”.
similar to the pic above.
you will always find the “get better” essentials in my crib.
now if only this sick box came with a wolf to rub vicks all over me.