khloe kardashian is gonna have ya’ll claiming brain trauma due to cheating?

i liked when khloe kardashian was “the big one”.
this was when kkk first came on the scene.
she was outspoken and shook the table.
i felt she didn’t put up with her family’s shit,
especially kim,
and made sure we all knew that.

It seems like as the years went on,
she wanted to be just like Kim.

…because she has cheffed up her face and bawdy to be “like the rest”.
khloe has had it pretty rough with dating.
low self-esteem will do that to ya.
she claims that she has brain trauma in a recent episode.
tristan thompson” is why…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “khloe kardashian is gonna have ya’ll claiming brain trauma due to cheating?”

  1. I knew one or three WOLVES WITH HUGE 🍆 personality s who I gt emotional over in my way back past. I mean getting out of bed 2 or 3am making biscuits from scratch, frying chicken, making gravy and rice, trying to be that Cancer 🦀 Queen. Different situation from Khloe, but same low self esteem emotional semantics.
    A few nights ago, my phone rings at 3:06am. A so called ” friend” asking could I guess who just left his house?
    “Which man of many, Boo”? Your ex, he replied. Click!
    I used to would have been crushed, but let’s simply put it this way, who cares? Freedom is bliss and indifference is nirvana.
    Tristan is a used up community lay with no empathy for anything but the desire of his second head.

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