a good face card and a resume on google can get you picked for easy sex

if you are lucky,
all it takes is one face card of yours to go viral.
this ^person went viral because of how attractive he was to others.
it was so bad,
they had to pull his picture down off their website.
vixens were on a mission to get him.
his name is brandon lee,
33 years old,


he was arrested for assault and serious bodily injury in north carolina.
brandon has allegedly done more than that tho.
according to some other crimes in his dossier:

Aggravated Kidnapping (Class A Felony)
Aggravated Rape (Class A Felony)
Aggravated Rape (Class A Felony)
Aggravated Domestic Assault (Class C Felony)

and that didn’t matter because:

i’ve learned in the past week that if you happen to be attractive,
but you are sent to earth from the seventh layer of hell...

You will never be without sex and a place to rest your head(s) in between crimes.

you can and will ALWAYS bag a pick-me.
( x this pick me learned the hard way )

lowkey: that hyena has all that gray hair at 33?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “a good face card and a resume on google can get you picked for easy sex”

    1. ^ the news never reports how the pick me starts its mating ritual.
      it just shows them getting taken out of this world violently.
      these folks are the perfect examples that we often feel sorry for without the full context.

  1. I appreciate your coverage of subjects like this.


    Evan if they’re joking, I don’t find the humor in things like this. ( sad, smh)

    1. ^ from the dahmer lust to this person,
      it seems many people are willing to become trail mix for serial killers.
      i bet they’ll ignore 10 red flags too.

      “he threw me into the china cabinet but he wanted to see if it was durable!”

      “he popped my lip because… well, he usually hits me on wednesday but today was different.”

      1. I don’t understand how this meter to determine attractiveness works. I am untutored in the mechanism defining ideals of what sexy is. Where are the great looks? The bug personality, I guess. I am seldom speechless.
        Nothing spooks these people.

  2. He got all that gray at 33, he must’ve started at 22 and with a record like that you see why it is the way it is.

  3. Jamari, I just watched the episode of American Monster (on ID Discovery) that featured the story in your link. Dude killed all of his wife’s kids (including the two he had with her) just because she wouldn’t send her older kids to live with their father’s family. The older kids “talked back” to him and he didn’t like that. He only wanted the kids he had with her in the picture, and because she wouldn’t give in to his demands, he killed the all the kids just to make her suffer. Some folks are psycho as hell…but the person they are with choose to ignore the signs until it is too late.

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