christian cooper wasn’t just a “birdwatcher” (jokes on you karen)

“central park karen” fucked with the wrong birdwatcher.
i love when idiots fuck with,
or fuck over,
with the wrong people.

Everyone doesn’t flex their resumes on social media.

everyone meet christian cooper.
i’m sure you’re all familiar with him by now.
he was the birdwatcher that a karen ruined her own life over.
job lost,
dog taken away,
and being publicly shamed even tho we are all inside at the moment.

a whole mess.
 karen has gone down into the depths of hell,
but christian and his background rose tf up.
a foxholer sent me a little of christian’s resume and well…
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Possible Side Effects On Wednesday: Drowsiness, Frustration, and Sour Stomach.

tumblr_mr8hiftLcU1qzjbrao1_400sitting here,
doing over my resume and looking at all these jobs ive had,
i’m completely over it.
the thought of working for another bullshit ass company again makes me absolutely sick.
thinking back to my old job and being a slave…
i’m not with it.
i do need to find something tho,
but i want to work doing something i love.
doing retail or a desk job at a company not associated with entertainment?
no thanks.
i’m sure that sounds stupid.
you may look at me like i’m crazy.
i’m looking at myself like scorned.
there must be another way.
i want to put ads on my site,
but i don’t want to promote porn.
i’m not trying to have ads for puppy chow or ebt cards.
i reached out to andrew christian for underwear ads,
but they aren’t doing direct advertisement at this time.
only affiliates.
i dunno why this can’t be easier.
i feel stuck at a cross roads like my car broke down so now i gotta walk.
god seems to have this prayer on hold or something.
i hate not knowing what to do.
jesus be a blessing,
a sponsor,
or a pit bull of an agent.

i’m kinda frustrated today,
but i still hold on to hope.
is that crazy?

Memoirs of an Invisible Star Fox


i’m so proud of star fox today.
he has come such a long way.
when we first met,
i saw something within him.
it was like he glowed.
he latched onto me really quickly.
i remember when we use to talk about what he wanted in his life.
it always seemed like he was always going through something.
if he was to write a book,
i know it would be a best seller.
star fox is currently working behind the scenes of a video shoot….

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