Possible Side Effects On Wednesday: Drowsiness, Frustration, and Sour Stomach.

tumblr_mr8hiftLcU1qzjbrao1_400sitting here,
doing over my resume and looking at all these jobs ive had,
i’m completely over it.
the thought of working for another bullshit ass company again makes me absolutely sick.
thinking back to my old job and being a slave…
i’m not with it.
i do need to find something tho,
but i want to work doing something i love.
doing retail or a desk job at a company not associated with entertainment?
no thanks.
i’m sure that sounds stupid.
you may look at me like i’m crazy.
i’m looking at myself like scorned.
there must be another way.
i want to put ads on my site,
but i don’t want to promote porn.
i’m not trying to have ads for puppy chow or ebt cards.
i reached out to andrew christian for underwear ads,
but they aren’t doing direct advertisement at this time.
only affiliates.
i dunno why this can’t be easier.
i feel stuck at a cross roads like my car broke down so now i gotta walk.
god seems to have this prayer on hold or something.
i hate not knowing what to do.
jesus be a blessing,
a sponsor,
or a pit bull of an agent.

i’m kinda frustrated today,
but i still hold on to hope.
is that crazy?

10 thoughts on “Possible Side Effects On Wednesday: Drowsiness, Frustration, and Sour Stomach.

  1. I agree definitely do what makes you happy, because you have to wake-up everyday and go to work and be there. However, my boss who is a director of a region at the company, told me over lunch just the other week that interviews are exchanges and you can inquire about the atmosphere and work environment because number one it makes you stand out and number two you get a feel for the company you could potentially work for.

    So I’m saying all that to say, that if someone is offering you a job that from the description and of course the gut feeling you feel from prayer and meditation. Then I believe you owe it to yourself and the divine order to consider it and give it a chance because you could work at a place, like myself where I love my job, though it gets stressful sometimes, and provide for yourself while planning your next move.

  2. I think I said at the first of year on here that 2013 would be the year of change and transition and it has proven to be a bumpy ride. I too am going through transition with my career, I am now at a job just to pay the bills, you can see my philosophy on what I think about working under the intern story, I just posted a response. I walked away from a good stable government job 2yrs ago, and it has been hell trying to find something else, and I questioned myself, on what the hell was I thinking, but I realize, that I was so unhappy and miserable, that I would probably have stroked out or had a heart attack by now. Looking back, I did it wrong, but I cant worry about regrets now, because I have learned alot about myself and surviving with a lot less, and also in the process, I used that time to learn more about health and fitness and I got me a new body as well, from where I was to where Im at now, I wouldnt trade that old me for nothing. Im still trying to figure out what I want to really do.

    Now J, this is just my two cents, from what I have gathered about you off this blog, I think you should get some business cards made from one of these internet business card companies and start your own image consultant and branding business for entertainment people, or people who want to be in entertainment. There are a lot of uncultured pearls who could use a little bit of your fashion school and your charm school as well, as well your talent in writing press releases, and promoting them via this blog. All its gonna take is to get one client who will blow up and you will be a household industry name in no time. Just start small by getting some of your hot fits together and hit the clubs or industry events to pass out your cards and get your name out there. This may not be nothing your even remotely interested in doing, but I just wanted to put it in the Universe for you because I think you would be great at it.

    1. ^ya know t,
      i would love to start that actually.
      i definitely would be open to that 110%.
      i can honestly see that poppin off.
      i have excellent ideas and vast experience as far as image and publicity.
      i would have no problems being that to someone in the business.
      that would actually make me happy to be honest,
      along with writing on here.
      that is my dream.

  3. Hey Jamari… What I always tell ppl who are in career limbo, is find something you love to do, and then figure out how to capitalize off of it. Example, you’re an amazing writer, do you realize that as African American gay men we really don’t have any authors, or publishing out here? That’s an avenue you could take and so many others… You’re a man of many talents, I have faith that you’ll be up and running in no time.

    1. ^thanks richie.
      i stopped writing after star fox’s passing.
      my mind was over it.
      that would actually be a great idea to start that up again.
      thank you for the suggestion!

  4. No it’s not crazy, you should always have hope because there always is a chance that things will get better, period. Hope is what keeps a lot of people going and what will eventually lead them into the right direction.

  5. I don’t think you’re crazy.
    I agree with you doing retail and desk work is another form of slavery, except most people don’t really do anything.
    Had you talked to rufskin?

    1. ^i agree lindo!!!
      they been working you like you on the plantation.
      im so good.
      i did that and i have nothing to show for myself than something for my résumé.
      i want more.
      ill add rufskin to the list of places to send emails.
      thank you for the suggestion.
      anything else let me know!

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