jeffrey_havesJEFFERY IS SUCH A CREEP!!!!!!
did ya’ll see that sly hug on the couch????
then he gonna slip up and confessed wanting to sleep with wyatt.
wyatt nearly went to raggin n taggin that ass.
jeffery is officially now “single black queen”.
he better go get that chick’s phone and throw it in a lake.
veronica was the real beast.
that speech she gave david tho…
she nearly ripped david’s head off and rode through the town with it on a spike.
next week looks like it’s going to get it poppington.
please tell me someone watched it last night?
if not:

x watch it here now now now

(*continue as free user)

lowkey: benny.
tyler lepley makes my foxi senses buzz a little.
i could be wrong tho.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “TELL THAT BITCH 9 IS THE NEW 1.”

  1. YOOOOOOOOOOO! Did you see the preview for next week where Wyatt says he will sleep with him!!!!!!! I think it’s a trap!

      1. No I don’t think I can’t take the overly dramatic characters he makes anymore. It’s like the plays without the gospel music.

      2. I watch ALL of them. Lol. I was on The Walking Dead when it was a comic before it was even mainstream. Devious Maids got renewed!

      1. I really want Veronica to hand the cop n her husband their ass next week. I’m dying to know why she’s not practicing anymore.

  2. I applaud TP for actually having a gay character, but the way he is making Jeffery is just too much. I am curious to see where it goes next week especially after that slip up. I think Wyatt and His gf knows about Jeffery’s plan and him asking to sleep with him is just a setup. I hope we see the south side of Chicago come out in Veronica lol. I hope they write Celine out she has no use to the how and her storyline is just random and be coming out of left field.

  3. Off topic but did you see the actor Wentworth Miller came out the closet.The only show I watch that you guys mentioned is Breaking Bad.I used to watch the Walking Dead but I became bored of it.

    formerly known as Chase

    1. I have had a crush on Wentworth since he was in The Human Stain when he played a guy passing as White.That’s when I learned he was biracial. I knew he was Gay when he was doing Prison Break.This anti Gay madness in Russia was the impetus for him publicly coming out.
      As for Jeffrey and Wyatt , has an interview with both actors.I may be wrong but I think the guy who plays Jeffrey may be Gay .Check out the interview ,Tyler Perry Gay storyline.BTW this is the first time Ive seen Tyler Perry actors talking to a Gay media site regarding a TP project

  4. I want to slap the shit out of David. Like he knew that she knew but constantly kept lying.
    I’m tired of Jeffrey’s psychotic ass. He’s a little bit too loopy.
    I wanted to slap Wyatt for disrespecting Catherine the way he did. They didn’t whoop his ass enough.

  5. Jeffery is so disgusting, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I bet Jeffery has Wyatt’s underwear that have shit stain which he love to sniff them when nobody is looking. And you know what more creepy is that Jeff went to Wyatt’s trash and found his used condom and suck the cum out then swallow it.

  6. Jeffery is a mess, complete mess. Candice should have said that it was her baby just to mess with him, and the things that I would do to Benny and his daddy! Tyler know he can cast some men.

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