I Can’t Wait To See Young Thug Album Cover on Straight Wolves Phones

72aa829dd4b0494e51a73d061cc91c89so young thug is no stranger to making the forest’s talk.
well he has a new album on the way called “jeffery”.
this is the alleged album cover he posted and quickly deleted…
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I Hit On Him and Then He Hit Me

heartsok#havesandhavenots was the shit wasn’t it?
good damn tv.
well i couldn’t stop thinking about how wyatt extracted that confession out of jeffery.
that “look at that bulge” line tho…
with those tight ass pants jeffery had on and wyatt saw that?
in this lifestyle,
i call jeffery a “newbie”.
the one who hasn’t had his *safety seal broken.
(*safety seal: as soon as you do anything with the same sex.)
so  you are completely new to how this whole thing works.
you think that as soon as you say “me likey peen/booty“,
then everyone happens to feel the same way.
not a chance.
worse if you meet the wrong people(s),
you can be manipulated.
worse: outed.
i was once a victim…

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this whole week i been church steppin’ to good tv.
i was so scared for jeffery.
i really thought he was about to get a smooth tiger uppercut by wyatt.

tumblr_lxz8xiG6BK1qby53lo1_400…then #boogat,
jeffery decided to “hole in one” on his head.
veronica as usual played her position well.
i’m really starting to like that chick.
and benny
my boo benny
i would have been waiting to get that “fresh out of jail” glory peen.
thought on this week episode???

x link for those who didn’t watch


jeffrey_havesJEFFERY IS SUCH A CREEP!!!!!!
did ya’ll see that sly hug on the couch????
then he gonna slip up and confessed wanting to sleep with wyatt.
wyatt nearly went to raggin n taggin that ass.
jeffery is officially now “single black queen”.
he better go get that chick’s phone and throw it in a lake.
veronica was the real beast.
that speech she gave david tho…
she nearly ripped david’s head off and rode through the town with it on a spike.
next week looks like it’s going to get it poppington.
please tell me someone watched it last night?
if not:

x watch it here now now now

(*continue as free user)

lowkey: benny.
tyler lepley makes my foxi senses buzz a little.
i could be wrong tho.

No No No… He Isn’t Straight. I’m Not Crazy!! I Can Prove It! See!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 3.16.48 PMi was a “jeffery” once or twice.
thank god i wasn’t as bad as his creep ass.
i only deal with aggressive wolves now.
once you show me signs of “negro play games son”,
i’m over you.
i never crawled into bed with my crush while he was sleep.
i also never exploded on my crush in front of a vixen he was interested in.
i was more of the internal “jeffery”.
the best kind.
have you ever met a straight wolf and fell for him?
something about him just turned you on?
you couldn’t explain it but everytime you saw him,
it was like something clicked inside you?
sadly for all of us in this lifestyle,
a majority of us have been a “jeffery”.
some worse than others.
don’t feel bad because it happens to the best of us…

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