No No No… He Isn’t Straight. I’m Not Crazy!! I Can Prove It! See!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 3.16.48 PMi was a “jeffery” once or twice.
thank god i wasn’t as bad as his creep ass.
i only deal with aggressive wolves now.
once you show me signs of “negro play games son”,
i’m over you.
i never crawled into bed with my crush while he was sleep.
i also never exploded on my crush in front of a vixen he was interested in.
i was more of the internal “jeffery”.
the best kind.
have you ever met a straight wolf and fell for him?
something about him just turned you on?
you couldn’t explain it but everytime you saw him,
it was like something clicked inside you?
sadly for all of us in this lifestyle,
a majority of us have been a “jeffery”.
some worse than others.
don’t feel bad because it happens to the best of us…

i have/had a ton of straight wolf friends.
some of them ranged from ugly,
okay looking,
and fine as hell.
i knew they were straight because i assume everyone is straight.
sure the ones who look good make you want to know how it hangs,
but there are some lines i just won’t cross out of respect.
the issue is that one straight wolf who slips through the cracks.
he finds a way to touch you,
sit close to you,
or gaze in your eyes trying to read your soul.
those are the dangerous ones because it usually a big ass game.
he’s out there fuckin’ countless bitches.
you at home fuckin’ youself.
it always leaves you frustrated,
being a detective,
and questioning yourself.

“well he did this that day so that must mean…”
“well wait he is dating a vixen now but he just winked at me. wtf?”
“okay see right there that was a sign… i think… well shit i think so… ughhhhhhh.”

41806-Emma-Stone-are-you-crying-gif-71rmall of the wolves i have been attracted to,
that ones i was so sure about,
were always those “types”.
it was more of a emotional connection than a physical one.
i don’t know if i picked up on their curiosity,
or if i fox senses picked up on someone who wanted to fuck me,
but it was something about them that:

i believe that is why some foxes/hybrids/and wolves fall in the trap.
you meet him assuming he is straight,
but then something about that muthafucka “dinged” on your ass.
the “ding” be so fuckin loud that the only way it stops,
is when you get your question answered.
so you start paying attention more,
trying to figure out the codes,
and spending countless time on some bullshit that may never be answered.

tumblr_mjsxfhfe1Q1s2kzvmo1_500the character of “jeffery” on haves and have nots.
he’s in love with wyatt,
but is it because he is “crazy in crush”?
or just plain cray cray?
has wyatt “dinged” his fox senses and he didn’t realize?
are you just picking up on your straight crush’s “ding”?

does fox/wolf/hybrid aka gaydar really exist?
or are we misunderstanding these “signs”?
a lot of the times these boy’s inner curiosity peaks with you,
and why shouldn’t it because you are amazing,
but they experiment with someone else.
the fem from his church who will suck the skin off his dick.
the wolf in his clique who was more aggressive than you were.
the entertainment industry where he gets turned out.
he is on jack’d or some online service lurking,
getting head in parking lots from paid strangers,
the main attraction at a secret sex party,
or the big favorite: going out of state to fulfill his curiosity.
so i started to wonder about being a “jeffery”

Can your straight crush really not be “straight” after all?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “No No No… He Isn’t Straight. I’m Not Crazy!! I Can Prove It! See!!”

  1. I just watched this ep and your boy Jeffrey is OUT OF CONTROL. If his mama can’t get him together then I don’t know WHO or WHAT will!!!! SMDH. However, I do secretly dream about Bennie, Wyatt and Jeffrey in a sensual “ice cream sandwich” tryst. LOL

  2. I have a bad feeling that one day Jeffery is going to confess his obsession (oops I mean love) to Wyatt then Wyatt is going to say “Whoa bro I’m not queer.” Jeffery said “But I love you.” as he tries to hold Wyatt, but Wyatt push him off and called him a fag. As Wyatt tries to remove himself from the situation, Jeffery became enrage and took the nearest object then threw at Wyatt. The object hit Wyatt’s head and he collapse on the ground. Jeffery is in a panic and tries to figure out a scenario to get himself out of this hot mess. But Jeffery’s love for Wyatt made him even more loopy which made him kidnap Wyatt and took him to a family cabin where he kept Wyatt as a prisoner.

    Wyatt wakes up and find himself handcuff to the bed wearing nothing but an underwear. Wyatt was pulling on the handcuff to see if he can free himself, but Jeffery enter the bedroom with a platter of fruits to feed Wyatt. “Jeffery What The Hell Is Going On!!!!!!” said Wyatt. “Shh my love. You must relax as you fallen onto the ground and I rescue you.” said Jeffery. “Rescue me? Okay dude you are losing it.” Wyatt said. Jeffery was angry from Wyatt truthful, so he threw the platter on the wall and said “If you are not to going to nice for once I guess I can let you starve to DEATH!!!” He storm out of the room and onto the car. Wyatt fear for his life trying to figure out to break free from the handcuff, but no it was no use.

    Jeffery return and came back to the bedroom with a smile on his face and said “Hello my love did you miss me?” Wyatt look at Jeffery with a curious eye, but played along with Jeffery sick games. He responded “Yes sweetheart I did.” (with an awkward tone) Jeffery started to take his clothes off in front of Wyatt’s eyes. He remove his clothes slowly to reveal his dark chocolate body to Wyatt. Then he climb onto the bed and was on top of Wyatt’s body and he gently press his lips, at first Wyatt move his head away, but he knew he had to play along, so he kissed him back. Jeffery was aroused and told Wyatt he want to fucked him. Wyatt quickly said no as a flashback of Wyatt being raped by the priest. Jeffery ignore Wyatt’s comment and remove his underwear forcefully as Wyatt tried his hardest to stop Jeffery, but Jeffery twirl Wyatt on to his stomach and penetrated him as Wyatt had fallen with the painful memories. Jeffery kept raping Wyatt as he entice by Wyatt’s moaning of pain, but he mistaken as pleasure. Jeffery pounded harder and filled his ass with his filthy cum and he laughed at the moment then kiss Wyatt’s neck. Then Jeffery said “Okay baby it my turn.” as he went inside the dresser to get the keys to free Wyatt’s hand. Unaware of Wyatt’s fury, as the moment the handcuff was loosen Wyatt’s hands he turn around and told Jeffery to lay on his stomach in which he did. With his dirty grin upon his face without any warning Wyatt wrap his hands around Jeffery’s neck and chowed him.

    At first Jeffery was trying to break free, but his body fell into rest. But Wyatt kept chowing him, he then realize Jeffery was dead.

      1. A mi tambien!!! But don’t forget he has his father blood. Look at his father setting up Candace with the cocaine in the car.

  3. Oh Synthya… I like you already!! That amen was a subtle shade and a ki ki at the same time! Yeah it hurts to be the one that always gets what’s leftover, or I get the extra time, never first. And all I get is “you know I love you, give me time”, while I sit around bring faithful like an idiot, like we in a real relationship!

  4. Lord knows I hope Deb don’t see this… But I’m currently sleeping with a married man, and I’m dangerously in love with my straight homeboy!! He even told me that if I was a female I’d make the perfect wife! I nearly died… And my married man, I totally have feelings for, and he tells me how much he loves me, and I really can’t deal with any of this, because I know that I can’t have either of them, no matter what I do… It’s a very trying situation to be in on a day to day basis

    1. Take it one day at a time and it will sort itself out. Been thru similar and soon you’ll get fed up with it all. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

      1. Thanks Synthya… Trust me its wearing me out already, and I’m definitely getting tired!

    2. Like a told my female friend who is dating a married man,you deserve better.I know you love him but how much do love yourself? If he was just a FB that would be one thing but…She hasn’t gotten tired of being his sidepiece yet and it has been three years of putting her life on hold.Sleeping alone,spending holidays without HER MAN because he is Not Her Man.Her life is basically Shirley Murdock’s “As We Lay” lyrics..”.I know you have to hurry home to face your wife” I know it’s easy for me say this because I haven’t been in this situation 🙂 Good Luck to you

      1. ^ what Y Colette says is very true, the only thing your waiting for is your aha moment, which could take a while depending on what you consider is your self worth. No matter is someone keeps telling you otherwise. Lucky for me, mine had too many insecure moments with me that took it to a point in which its like WTF am I doing…Like in Waiting to Exhale… BTW **In Jesus name we pray, Amen.** was a sarcasm comment but not directed towards you RICHIEBORNRICH

  5. I fell out laughing over him the other night. He is creepy af fuck, but he’s cute tho. I kept saying “oh no” with every action he did. The bracelets got me the most tho. I think Wyatt and him are going to get it on. Jeffery tells him how he feels a few episodes from now.

    Just because the guys you are interested in do not come onto you doesn’t mean they aren’t down. They just may not be into you. Have I ever been wrong? IDK. It has never been proven.

  6. I feel sorry for Jefferry. That nigga is not crazy, HE’S FUCKING LOONEY. The entire episode I cringed when he was on the screen becaus he was REALLY WORRYING ME. Wyatt has NO clue Jeffery has the hots for him. And that’s why he was like, “Yo wassup with you cock blocking”? Jefferry is so damn crazy that he is becoming a little dumb with his antics. Why on Earth would he tell his mom about Wyatt and his girl. Veronica already know her kid is gay, if he doesn’t want to be found out why is he doing gay shit like having a hissy over Wyatt seeing a girl. Jefferry is deeply infatuated, but cray recognize cray, cus you better believe Selenes crazy ass already knew what was up with Jefferry and his antics. Another great ep.

    1. NOOOOOOO. Remember in the first episode when Wyatt was naked in his bed and Jeffrey came in the room trying to talk to him but was blown off by Wyatt. When Jeffrey was leaving he stayed at the door gazing at him, thinking Wyatt wasnt paying attention but saw it in the mirror on his night stand. Now imagine since Wyatt is on this witch hunt trying to out Jeffrey, he uses his emotions against him, maybe lead him on to him making a move on him and just shoots him down. Then Jeffrey goes completely over the edge. I CALL IT!

  7. Ain’t NOOOOOOOOOTHING worse than emotionally connecting with a questionable straight male.

  8. This really spoke to me on a lot of levels … I was in love with someone who was straight for many years … I was Driving myself crazy and he married his high school sweetheart … I always thought we would end up together … I know guys who end up with their crushes but it’s a gamble … And why is it the straight ones are so much better than the gay ones? … It’s like fully gay guys don’t know how to act but the straight guy seems perfect ….

  9. I really need to start watching this show….

    But about the subject….I think a lot of times, I may connect to a dude on a emotional level before the physical.

  10. I truly believe we can tell who likes us because we know our kind regardless of how masculine they are. It has to do with attraction and now we pick up on signals.

  11. Jeffrey is just straight crazy, and you can’t blame him, look at how his mother acts. She cares more about public opinion then her own son’s true feelings. Last episode was CRAZY.

    1. BUT secretly I love her and the I don’t give a fuck attitude. Especially what she did at the end…

    1. They are so curious those foxes…said the wolf. They pick up on something inside you and usually figure your a safe bet for a first try. I’ve had secret foxes disguised as straight wolves pull the funniest stuff. Leave the bathroom door open and pull down their boxers while they pee, with the light on and your the only person in the other room, on the late night…. to basketball size “no homo” types straight get on the floor face down ass up and tell me the magnums are in the top drawer. Approaching 30 in a few years aint nobody got time for that ish. I don’t fuck or have sex with them but Im a scorpio and I get the biggest thrill out of the joke that is hypermasculinity. Its all a front and they want the D

    2. It’s too late for that!You won’t understand unless you watch it from the beginning and the season finale is next week!

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