I’ll Have My Dog Bite You On The Balls For Cheating On Me

english-bulldog-puppy-for-salei just had a dream just now that i owned a bulldog.
in my dream all i was doing was giving him a bath.
i could tell from the feelings i was having i loved him tho.
realistically i want pets but i can’t have any in my crib.
i use to be a major cat person,
but lately i’m falling in love with dogs.
when god blesses me with the crib of my dreams,
i want one kind of dog first…

tumblr_luq4bnX6Sk1qcpuoqo1_500god i love boxers.
they are such good dogs,
super protective,
and extremely smart.
i woke up immediately and looked at some videos of boxers that made me smile:

…but these videos made me melt into caramel goo:

so damn cute.
those videos made me happy for some reason.
insta-good mood and vibrations coming out of me.
time to put a picture of a boxer on my vision board.

lowkey: would you guys have your kids that close to a dog?
is it safe?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “I’ll Have My Dog Bite You On The Balls For Cheating On Me”

  1. No, I wouldn’t let little babies around big dogs.Where I live, a dog killed a baby.The parents had just gotten home with it and the mom left it(the baby) on a couch and the dog jumped on it and smothered it.I’d probably be okay with a puppy around children.I used to hate when my aunt’s neighbor would bring his German Shepherds over.They’d play with each other so rough.I didn’t know they were playing, I thought they were trying to kill each other.Have you watched America’s funniest home videos.They let all kinds of animals around kids and babies and let them do whatever to them for a laugh.Dogs drag them everywhere and cats scratch their faces up.Also, I don’t know if this is true but I heard cats will suffocate babies purposely.It’s something I always heard but my just be an urban legend.

    1. ^yeah I’ve seen them and was kinda shocked.
      my mother was so against dogs licking children in the face.
      shit even adults lol
      i let a dog lick me in the face and wanted to buy some nozema on the spot right after lol
      i did hear kids don’t pick up germs as fast as we do.
      that could be a rumor tho.
      i also heard that cats do that out of jealousy.
      cats can be very mean spirited animals and they don’t forget.

  2. I just remembered when I was little my dumb ass uncle let my little cousin walk his big Rottweiler by himself.To make a long story short, the dog spotted something and ran after it and dragged my cousin with him, because he wouldn’t let go of the leash.It was soooo funny, mainly because the little cousin that got dragged was a Bebe’s kid type.He was exactly like the gif of Riley and that fat kid that you post titled “I wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends.”Him and his friends are in prison for doing that hoodrat shit.We kind of knew they wouldn’t grow out of it.

    1. ^LMAO!
      i laughed at the image of the dog dragging him.
      i know he was screaming.
      that is the issue with big dogs.
      those mofos are strong.
      i remember I walked my homeboy’s husky.
      that dog was walking my ass.
      these cute wolves pulled over to ask me if it was my dog tho.
      i lied and said yup lol

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