Shabazz Muhammad Tried To Get Some Coochie and Ended Up Getting Fucked

shabazz_muhammadshabazz muhammad tried to bend the rules since he is a new rookie.
he thought he could try to get some late night coo coo at the nba’s rookie transition program.
well he learned they wasn’t playing with that ass…

Minnesota Timberwolves rookie guard Shabazz Muhammad was sent home from the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program for violating a rule and bringing a female guest into his hotel room Tuesday evening, a person familiar with situation told USA TODAY Sports.

The person requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the situation.

“We have been made aware of the circumstances surrounding Shabazz Muhammad’s dismissal from the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program in New Jersey,” Timberwolves President Flip Saunders said in a statement. “The team fully supports the NBA’s rules and policies in all matters pertaining to this situation and we will abide by the league’s action.”

Muhammad, who also will be fined, was here for the four-day program which helps rookies transition into the league through a series of seminars, instructions and guest speakers.

Just hours before Muhammad was sent home, players were given the rules for the program, which included no guests unless approved by program administrators.

tumblr_inline_mr832tg6Pa1qz4rgpfuckin’ around with them jersey hoes will get you fucked up.
one of the other rookies probably snitched on his ass.

take the competition down.
how you gonna break the rules,
when you are at a seminar to learn to follow the rules?
i predict shabazz is going to be the one to “watch” this season.
no no no…
not for his game.
for all the ratchetness that’s about to come.

sidebar: shabazz,
i don’t know if you have a condition or something,
but stop using a razor on your face:

Shabazz Muhammadget some bump stopper extra strength after you get a cut.
that issue is not interview swaggy and very distracting.
dermatologist appointment asap.

article found: usa today
read: matt barnes defending him for trying to get some coochie

7 thoughts on “Shabazz Muhammad Tried To Get Some Coochie and Ended Up Getting Fucked

    1. Why do some BLACK People act so stupid and dumb when you have heard the rules and regulation for this transition program. That is the reason so many athletes get into trouble do what the people ask you to do it’s not hard at all. This fool had all the time afterwards to waste his money on some tramp whore who was l;ooking for a reason to say to her friends that I been fucked by a rookie NBA player. Stop thinking because you have been selected you are in the door complete anything can happen. What the fuck up and smell the coffee you two choices regular or decaf!!1

  1. He strikes me as someone who is surrounded by messiness anyway. His father lied about his age for years, Shabazz was actually a year older than people thought. He is not very athletic either which has been an issue for him for years. He needs to be on his best behavior and be better on the court, room for error is small.

  2. The funny part about this whole thing is his girlfriend on twitter said it wasn’t her he snuck in because she is in Florida. He already has a bad reputation and this is just icing on the cake. His girlfriend twitter is

  3. hmmm well he is a rookie…meaning…he has a brain still runs by his testosterone…dumb ass..I guess we will hear he made a ‘mistake.’ Dumb fool….think with the head above not the one below…..stupid klutz…as for the razor bumps…what do yo expect from a RAT?

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