don’t get in her uber if you’re gay

uber drivers may have rules in their vehicles.
some may require you to not speak to them.
others may want you to not eat/drink while headed to your destinations.
this one tho:

 …will tell you get out if you’re gay.
this lesbian couple:

found that out on the way to a concert over the weekend in camden county, new jersey.
this is the video via “the daily mail“…

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we been suckin the demons out these males and not even realizing it

when we’re down on our knees,
we’re actually doing the Lord’s work.
when you got a male shakin’ and callin’ for The Almighty,
while your mouth is slathering his penis,
who knew those were demons cummin’ out?
well a new jersey pastor claimed he was doing the good Lord’s work.
it has ended up with his tail in jail via “raw story“…

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when your parents are drug addicts

i’m thankful i didn’t grow up with parents addicted to drugs.
that was one of the blessings i am highly grateful for.
being that i lived in the hood most of my life,
i’ve seen my fair share of drug addicted parents.
it’s always heartbreaking when you see them with young kids.
the following video left me in my feelings today.
it’s two parents high outta their mind,
on the bus in new jersey,
with their very observant young one

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Check Who Is Getting A Yam Pounding By Idris Elba

so i didn’t win.
*sad face*

i had to let the foxhole know.
idris elba did not get the chance to pound my yams.
well you guys have been wondering who won the “win a date with idris elba/pound his yams” contest through omaze.
( x see it here )
i’ve gotten a ton of emails asking about it.
check who won the contest…
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one thing i can’t do is stink.
smelling it and reading about it.
so i know you heard about the two hyenas disrespecting the “bed, bath, and beyond” display bed.
( x read that story here )
scabies and shit.
 you know i was sick reading that.
well you know they were so bad,
the station they were at had to fumigated?
well this is what happened via the daily mail
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (58)

tumblr_m45cbkaexs1r4yegro1_5001you know the old adage:


it was in the bible
or something…
anyway a she-snow jackal decided to punch a snow wolf outside a college party.
this is what happened during and after
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