Check Who Is Getting A Yam Pounding By Idris Elba

so i didn’t win.
*sad face*

i had to let the foxhole know.
idris elba did not get the chance to pound my yams.
well you guys have been wondering who won the “win a date with idris elba/pound his yams” contest through omaze.
( x see it here )
i’ve gotten a ton of emails asking about it.
check who won the contest…

her name is sandra r from boonton, jerz!
this is her reaction video:

the date hasn’t happened yet apparently.
let us know what happens sandra!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Check Who Is Getting A Yam Pounding By Idris Elba”

  1. An everyday girl…That’s what’s up..She deserves it! Okokok so where’s the “DL Wolfe who won on the low cause he gave so much money? Lmao…Aww Lawd!

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