BIDEN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no cap,
but 4 years of terror has finally come to an end.
america has fired donald trump.
i was in the middle of a podcast when i got the news.


cnn highlighted that in all caps and big bold letters.
you know they were SICK of that orange oaf,
but there is something that bothers me under it all…

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safe to say, will smith might have won the #dotheshiggy challenge

will smith and halle berry have the best celeb instagrams ever.
it’s what a perfect ig is to me.
both of their instagrams invoke personality,
artistic expression,
and beautiful glossy shots.
i love instagrams that tell me a story.
so as you know,
ig super personality shiggy,
started a whole dance challenge out here with “in your feelings”.
it’s a song on drake’s “scorpion”:

…and everyone from lala,
lil mama,
kirk franklin,
and ciara accepted the “#dotheshiggy” challenge.
they all did greats job .
i love seeing folks having a good time out here.
well will smith decided to join in and…

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Foxhole Fav, Mychal Kendricks, Is A Winner

 mychal kendricks is what’s hot right now.
as you know,
the philly eagles won the superbowl.
i been so out of it,
but i decided to check in on mychal to see what a winner looks like.
i saw these two videos and…
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Frank Ocean Makes Daddy Get On His Knees

there is a wolf at my job who looks like frank ocean.
i’m lowkey lusting.
well ^this frank ocean was sued by his father in february.
gay slurs and tumblr posts.
well guess who won?
a f-bi sent me what the “new york daily news” reported…
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Guess Who Won Dancing With The Stars?!

everyone congratulate the winner of “dancing with the stars”,
rashad jennings.
he took home the mirror ball trophy with his partner,
emma slater
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Andrew Caldwell Has 3 Million Woes Right Now

he may need to delivert that money.
either brown paper bag or suitcase.
it seems andrew caldwell got served a big one for 2017.
so kordell stewart,
ex husband of “rhoa” porsha williams,
was suing him for insinuating they were a “thing”.
well kordell won the case,
but guess how much andrew gotta come up out his “very rich” wallet?
check out what an f-bi sent via the grio
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