safe to say, will smith might have won the #dotheshiggy challenge

will smith and halle berry have the best celeb instagrams ever.
it’s what a perfect ig is to me.
both of their instagrams invoke personality,
artistic expression,
and beautiful glossy shots.
i love instagrams that tell me a story.
so as you know,
ig super personality shiggy,
started a whole dance challenge out here with “in your feelings”.
it’s a song on drake’s “scorpion”:

…and everyone from lala,
lil mama,
kirk franklin,
and ciara accepted the “#dotheshiggy” challenge.
they all did greats job .
i love seeing folks having a good time out here.
well will smith decided to join in and…

…i think he pretty much won the challenge.
let’s see if someone does it in space next.

lowkey: ayo drake!
it’s time to cut shiggy that check!

check out: halle berry | will smith

4 thoughts on “safe to say, will smith might have won the #dotheshiggy challenge

  1. Did you see Russell trying to be hard in Ciara’s clip?! LMAO
    Wonder when we will see OBJ on Dancing with the Stars?

  2. Yes, yes and Yes. Halle’s instagram does a great job at hiding her crazyness. I love it. Kelis’s insta as well. Don’t really follow Will’s. I see a career change for him tho. I think he will transition into a motivational speaker type. He has the charisma for it.

    1. ^like,
      is halle walking around with a full camera crew out here?!?!
      her pictures are amazing.
      i see the same for will.
      ima check out kelis now.
      thanks for the suggestion.

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