getting laid off on friday the 13th (running for my life)

i want to thank all the wolves that rejected me.
the friends who stabbed me in my back (or front).
i’ve been in many a situation that helped mold me into the fox i am.
there has been “the very bottom” and then in “the abyss of hell“.
i’ve seen it all,
and been through it all,
so when i got laid off from that job today…

…i wasn’t sad about it at all.
how could i be?
i mean,
i hated every moment of being there.
they were absolute horror and i managed to escape in tact.

check how they did it:

as soon as i got home,
they called me and told me that they were letting me go

i didn’t sound torn up about it.
i didn’t feel that way inside.
they got a “yeah i know” and a “thanks for the opportunity”.
i do want to send feedback about that horrible jackal of a boss,
but my spirit also wants me to move tf on.
there is new land to explore.
that one was dying and full of locusts anyway.

i will miss the folks i worked with.
when i texted the few i had numbers,
they were upset af.
i don’t leave a job with a horrible reputation.
i was told that folks look forward to seeing me every day,
i kept it straight with no bullshit,
and everyone will go nuts on monday when the news hits.

that’s who i am

i already signed up for unemployment and will relax.
as soon as monday hits,
it’s time to turn that compass in a new direction.
i found out today that karaoke gave her two weeks too.

there seems to be a “fucked up management” going around.

lowkey: i’m actually shocked how calm i am.
i hated that place anyway so thanks!

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “getting laid off on friday the 13th (running for my life)”

  1. Jamari something big is coming your way, and yes I agree unfortunately management does suck in a lot of companies. Also I’m liking this new attitude, don’t sweat the small stuff and the things you can’t control, you got this man.

  2. Some how I had a feeling from your last entry from yesterday that this was going to happen. Although show no qualms and I hope you hear from that reception job cause you deserve better than this. Start looking out for yourself and look for something different but relatable to your career.

  3. I’ve been reading this blog for years and you are definitely growing. Remain positive and the universe will send you what you need. Hang in there man. Don’t give up.

  4. Keep your head up. As someone who has lost everything, slept at the 24 bookstores, showered at gyms, rode the trains all night, and yes, sold my “assets”….things will get better.

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