would you (auto) focus on me?

i’m obsessed with taking good pictures.
if you ever watch my insta-snaps on the ig foxhole,
i take the shit out of a picture.
halle berry’s instagram is a visual dream to me.
i honestly thought she was taking pictures with her iphone.
my home vixen said:

“that bitch is walking around with a full camera crew!”

so i couldn’t afford that,
but i woke up with something on my spirit.
something to assist in my career goals.
i was urged gonna buy this…

a dslr camera.
jamari fox was gonna add “part time photographer” to his resume.
i wanted to start taking more pictures,
but i also wanted to use the same camera to get access to events.

the foxhole + a camera =

i was legit gonna go to best buy today,
and if i liked the camera in person,
i was gonna put it on my credit card.
it wasn’t in the budget
but i would figure out a way to pay it off.
i didn’t get myself a birthday present last week.
this is all before i got let go.
shame i can’t get it at the moment,
but it’ll be on my “to get” list.

low-key: my boss is so fakkkkkkeeeee.
she was standing over my shoulder when i was researching cameras.
she was telling me how i should get it and spend “big money this weekend” on my first camera.
this she-jackal KNEW i was getting let go.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “would you (auto) focus on me?”

  1. She has a camera crew (like many Instagram “famous” people) but many of her pictures are captured on iPhone portrait mode. You can tell by the definition of the images, also there are apps on iPhone such as Adobe photoshop Express which edit images just like professional images. I’ve learnt so much from that app. When you become an avid Instagram user who wants to build their page you realize that aesthetics on a profile is everything. The grid, the colors on your page, the angles, the themes etc. Things like that attract followers.
    I’ve learned a lot from some of these people like Halle.

    Also, you don’t need a DSLR camera to get images like Halle’s. Just good lighting, iPhone 8+ and good photo editing app.

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