would you (auto) focus on me?

i’m obsessed with taking good pictures.
if you ever watch my insta-snaps on the ig foxhole,
i take the shit out of a picture.
halle berry’s instagram is a visual dream to me.
i honestly thought she was taking pictures with her iphone.
my home vixen said:

“that bitch is walking around with a full camera crew!”

so i couldn’t afford that,
but i woke up with something on my spirit.
something to assist in my career goals.
i was urged gonna buy this…

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What To Buy When You’re A New Baller Wolf

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 6.19.30 PMi always wondered what it’s like to be a pre baller wolf who gets drafted.
especially if you’re #1.
well what is the first thing you buy?
a car?
drop some cash in jamari fox’s checking account for research purposes?
no no no.
wait yeah yeah yeah about my bank account.
you buy…
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The Only Thing You Need To Control Is His Penis Inside You


your control.
control in what you say.
control in what you do.
are you really doing it your way?
some of us in life want to be in control of everything.
we have to make sure things go smoothly.
when they don’t,
it can equal a disaster.
for the rest,
they live life on their terms.
they have fun and jump head first.
rocks or water,
who cares!
just jump and pray god has your back towards the bottom.
i had to askā€¦

Do you like to always be in control?

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I’ll Give You A BJ So I Can Meet Lady Gaga!!!!

lady-gaga-v-2oh god not me.
her little monsters however are going to great lengths to meet her.
lady gaga told her fans that the person who can show proof that they bought the most singles
for “applause” will be able to fly out to meet her and attend a show.
who knew her fans would get this competitive?…

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You Usually Make Me Wet… But Not Today.

rain_cloudi havent done one of “these” in a long time.
okay so today it was pouring.
hence the rain cloud above.
i was making pork chops for dinner,
but i ran out of thyme.
my favorite of the seasonings.
i didn’t want to dress up too crazy to go to the sto’.
i went into my closet and found something i only wore once.
i was at work 2 years ago and i didn’t want to get my work shoes soaked.
i have experienced that a couple times before.
i ran on my lunch break and copped…

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We Gon’ Light Some Candles and Do Whatever You Like…

tumblr_mcqdvpzLGL1rxynpno1_500you ever heard a song that just…
i dunno…
connected to your spirit heaaaaaaaaavy?
you listened to it over and over because it took your mind places?
it made you think about a better life,
some damn good sex,
or even that love you been waiting for?
i just heard k michelle’s “v.s.o.p” today and it did all 3…

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