We Gon’ Light Some Candles and Do Whatever You Like…

tumblr_mcqdvpzLGL1rxynpno1_500you ever heard a song that just…
i dunno…
connected to your spirit heaaaaaaaaavy?
you listened to it over and over because it took your mind places?
it made you think about a better life,
some damn good sex,
or even that love you been waiting for?
i just heard k michelle’s “v.s.o.p” today and it did all 3…

tumblr_inline_mhdtusygT31rbm8mpthis song made me want to jack off.
it made me feel that good inside.
it gave me hope.
not even just about love or sex.
the feeling of being 100% happy.
something to look forward too.
i also love the old school flava it gave me.
that beat was perfect.
i remember that beat from one of my favorite jay z tracks.

i gotta give it to k.
even tho i’m still side eyeing her for that johnny fiasco,
she made me spend some money on her today.
i only do that when i’m 100% feelin’ it.

4ex click here to download v.s.o.p

lowkey: i was tired of her “come fuck me right now” songs.
this was a much needed change.

6 thoughts on “We Gon’ Light Some Candles and Do Whatever You Like…

  1. I love the song but someone made a comment on how she is singing the song so “hard” and not very sensual. She’s singing a sexy song like she just caught her boyfriend cheating and not like he’s about to come pipe her down

  2. She makes good music. K.Michelle is my girl, she just attacks the wrong ppl sometimes I think. I think she has bad judgement.

  3. I can dig it! The video is nice to.
    I’m going to have to download this from iTunes ASAPish!

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