Apple! Don’t You Dare Go In My Download Folder!

tumblr_n7dop8DTtj1sgytx4o1_500everyone watches porn.
people act like they don’t.
go on their browser history and you’ll get the real story.
well i watch porn.
i like porn.
i like amatuer black porn.
i like porn where the wolf has a nice body and bomb stroke.
i like straight porn.
i like gay porn.
right now i’m not having sex,
so i’m living vicariously through other people’s walls.
well i think my porn habit nearly caught me up…
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IN MY FOX BOX: OS X Yosemite (10)

os-x-yosemite-macso i upgraded my computer to os x yosemite and well…
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Spotify Makes Me Feel Tingly Inside

LISTENTOMEi love to talk about things that i like.
i also love to talk about my favorite music.
i lovvvvveeeeeee music.
well now i want to talk about my favorite music app,
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We Gon’ Light Some Candles and Do Whatever You Like…

tumblr_mcqdvpzLGL1rxynpno1_500you ever heard a song that just…
i dunno…
connected to your spirit heaaaaaaaaavy?
you listened to it over and over because it took your mind places?
it made you think about a better life,
some damn good sex,
or even that love you been waiting for?
i just heard k michelle’s “v.s.o.p” today and it did all 3…

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Jack’d: The Valley of The Nymphos

“well that dick ain’t gonna meet itself jamari.”

i love the people in my life.
that was the text discussion i was having with a fox last week.
i was ranting how i needed some pipe.
selective pipe.
the type of pipe with a nice pair of these:

sittin’ just right.

sure it may not be “good dick” stroke wise,
but nothing wrong with a visual nut right?
last regular basic hybrid i gave a chance was a snore.
he fucked me to sleep.


oh that place.
how we always go back to social sites when the going gets… hard.
after downloading the app again,
i decided to try something different this time…

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I Need That #RockaByeBaby (Ear Fuck Me Like You Mean It)

tumblr_ml3rwzbgpD1qcwtwto1_500diddy been promoting this new cassie mixtape heavy.
the comments on instagram were brutal!
it was finally released today so i thought i’d throw it to the foxhole.
see if ya’ll are hungry for it…

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