I Need That #RockaByeBaby (Ear Fuck Me Like You Mean It)

tumblr_ml3rwzbgpD1qcwtwto1_500diddy been promoting this new cassie mixtape heavy.
the comments on instagram were brutal!
it was finally released today so i thought i’d throw it to the foxhole.
see if ya’ll are hungry for it…

download: x cassie #rockabyebaby

i don’t like her new image.
it doesn’t look authentic.
that is my whole issue with this new “cassie”.
aside from that,
the mixtape sounds good tho.
a lot of features.
that is to be expected.
i could probably write some good entries off the vibe it’s giving me.
maybe even get some pipe to it.
those who smoke may appreciate it better.


standout tracks:

i love it w fab
paradise w wiz
sound of love w jeremih
i know what you want

what ya’ll think about the mixtape?
be nice lol

17 thoughts on “I Need That #RockaByeBaby (Ear Fuck Me Like You Mean It)

  1. I like it. It’s a cute little mixtape. The fact that she had a release party about it though is far beyond me. I like sound of love, paradise and i love it. A lot of the songs sound a lot a like.

  2. I tried but I just can’t. I watched the two videos but just had to stop them before the end. I’m not really impressed at all and won’t probably watching again or listening neither.

  3. In all honesty I think in Puffy’s head Cassie would be the next J.Lo. However where he always screws up with marketing her and 1999 J.LO meets 2013 Cassie is that, Believe it or not J.lo actually can sing, even though her tone is light, she does have vocal ability. And J.Lo was involved with Puffy but he was like a mentor, Legally he had NO control of her career affairs.

    She didn’t screw herself by signing to his label, or having his production all over her album. She just took advice for him. And that’s where Cassie messed up. She makes cute music. But if you put most of us who can talk sexual in a booth with a nice production team so can anybody.

    1. ^i was just listening to jlo first album the other day too.

      i feel you him trying create this other “jlo” with cassie.
      cassie’s first album was actually really good.
      ryan leslie knew what he was doing with her.
      like all his other acts,
      he doesn’t know what he is doing.
      he was able to put her on because she is fuckin’ him,
      but he isn’t really marketing her right.

      she on some rihanna shit right now

      1. ^ Sailing NOT Selling is my favorite song off of that mixtape. Loove the message in it.

  4. I must admit that I fuck with Cassie. She is not a vocalist to me. If she would have stayed with Ryan Leslie, I think she would have went far because it’s obvious that Diddy is trying to hold her back.

    Her type of music is for driving on a nice sunny day or chillin at home while smoking on some kush. It’s not to be taken seriously. Not to mention she is naturally pretty and got some dance skills too.

    Her new mixtape has been on repeat all day..

    here my personal favorites:

    I Love It
    I Know What You Want

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