Do Black Men Really Hate Black Women?

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 7.51.16 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 7.51.58 PMdiddy put this picture on his instagram.
black woman.
white women underneath her.
 the comments?
well let me not front,
there was a lot of people who cosigned it.some of the snow bunnies were offended,
but the amount of black boys/men who were talkin’ shit was pretty overwhelming.
why does it seem black men don’t like sistas?
or is this internet e-thuggin?
you would think these jackals and hyenas came out an exxotical/white pussy.
i’m glad i was raised to see the beauty in everyone and not the color.
it perplexes me the self hate in my community sometimes.

x go here to see the comments

Was Diddy Playing “Take Dat, Take Dat” With The Kids?

tumblr_lyacmx4u5Y1qbuizuo1_500does diddy have secrets?
does he require a below age limit with potential jumps?
well he may according to music manager jimmy henchmen,
who is currently facing life for selling serious amounts of coke.
the feds decided to quiz him on who in the industry has a pedo van on sesame street.
diddy’s name was also brought up and well…

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I Need That #RockaByeBaby (Ear Fuck Me Like You Mean It)

tumblr_ml3rwzbgpD1qcwtwto1_500diddy been promoting this new cassie mixtape heavy.
the comments on instagram were brutal!
it was finally released today so i thought i’d throw it to the foxhole.
see if ya’ll are hungry for it…

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