IN MY FOX BOX: OS X Yosemite (10)

os-x-yosemite-macso i upgraded my computer to os x yosemite and well…

i actually like it.
i was scared after the ios 8 debacle to be honest.
i know a few people are complaining,
but i happen to like change.
i will admit that it had some bugs when i first downloaded it.
then again,
i was in the middle of watching scandal and paused it like a doofus..
my bad!
with a quick ( x pram reset ) tho,
it seems to be working smoother than before.
it also seems faster as well.
i love the fact i can call/text/answer any phone from my computer.
i don’t have to rush over to my phone anymore.
i love how it works in sync with my apple devices now.
safari also seems a lot better as well.
i never really used it before,
but now i could rock with it real major.
oh and that green button on top the windows actually does something useful.
i do have a few minor gripes tho.
nothing crazy.
some things can get a little choppy graphic wise.
like one time a whole window went into visual vomit.
i use to have been able to tweet from my notification bar.
where that go?
the twitter option has vanished for whatever reason.
also when i shut off my comp and then turn it on,
it does boot up fast,
but then a bar has to load before i can get into my computer.
very first world problems,
i know.
maybe they will fix it soon with an update.
one thing i like about apple is they don’t play with their updates.
when shit goes the slightest bit wrong,
and the apple fan boys get to complaining,
apple gets on it with the quickness.
i look forward to their computer updates rather than the iphone nowadays.
so i’m satisfied and ready to start fresh with os x yosemite on my back.
well front.

back up everything before any major upgrades.
your best friends should be an external hard drive and time machine.

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3 thoughts on “IN MY FOX BOX: OS X Yosemite (10)

  1. Good to hear I actually like the iOS 8 update for the iPhone it runs awhile lot smoother than before for me. I’m looking for a new laptop for school since I only have a tablet and don’t like to type on it. I thinking I’ll go with Apple for that as well.

    1. ^mikey!
      get that mac!
      you will not regret that choice!

      my iphone had no issues during that ios 8 debacle.
      it mostly effected the new iphone 6 and 6+.
      can i just say how everyone has a 6 or 6+ now?
      i’ll upgrade when the 6+S comes out…

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