Jack’d: The Valley of The Nymphos

“well that dick ain’t gonna meet itself jamari.”

i love the people in my life.
that was the text discussion i was having with a fox last week.
i was ranting how i needed some pipe.
selective pipe.
the type of pipe with a nice pair of these:

sittin’ just right.

sure it may not be “good dick” stroke wise,
but nothing wrong with a visual nut right?
last regular basic hybrid i gave a chance was a snore.
he fucked me to sleep.


oh that place.
how we always go back to social sites when the going gets… hard.
after downloading the app again,
i decided to try something different this time…

i was feeling bold in 2013.
maybe it was the vitamins ive been taking?
i made a screen name that didn’t involve “fuckmestupid”,
or “eatcum69″.
i also unlocked my pictures.
i didn’t go private.
i didn’t put up a body picture to hide behind.
i picked two of my best pictures,
(i hate taking pictures)
said a prayer,
and threw it on the site.
my phone went off in a frenzy.
within 15 minutes,
i had 18 messages.
i won’t even lie,
it felt good.
i still had it and wasn’t ugly like i was assuming i was.
that is until i checked each message.



“you are so beautiful”
“omg you are handsome”

it was good to read that from guys.
i haven’t heard it in a while.
instead of telling them i was a fox too,
i played along for a while.
i didn’t give long replies.
i even talk to some with bad grammar.
they ate it up.
i got some nice replies,
but the rest were bad ideas.
some of them wanted to come over and fuck.
others wanted to schedule a time to fuck.
i even had a nineteen year old fox-jackal
who wanted to come fuck before work.

“yo i gotta be at work at 9,
but i can be over your crib by 7 if thas cool.”

no that’s not cool!
where is your parents?!
one was so rude when i didn’t reply to him.
he blew up my box with spam.

“you probably not all that anyway.”
“you can’t even reply yo.”
“you a sucka”
“yo wassup”

another fox was so upset because i said i wasn’t intrested,
he up and blocked me.
his logic was i was wasting his time and he didn’t want to be friends.
oh ok.
the wolves who did hit me up were not my type,
old as hell,
dusty as hell,
snow wolves who were out of shape,
and the rest were corny as fuck.
when i went to that event,
it was crazy how many of “us” was logged on.
preying for some easy pipe.
kinda crazy how jack’d could also lead to getting stalked as well.

looking through all these messages,
i couldn’t help but wonder if foxes have become the new “jackal”?
have we,
as in the submissive ones,
gotten more aggressive on social media?
is being thirsty getting the dick?
have these phone sites made it easy to get the dick,
but not keep the wolf?

i erased it last night.
maybe i’ll join again.
maybe i wont.
maybe i’ll put it on when i travel to another state.
clearly there was nothing on there for me.

was there ever?

7 thoughts on “Jack’d: The Valley of The Nymphos

  1. That 19 year old was ready. That sounds like something I would say lol. Can we see the pics you put on the site tho? I’m trying to see something lol.

    S/N: I see those new pics of JJ. I wanna know what’s under the hood tho. He looks great and shit, but I wanna hear him talk or something and find out what his personality is like.

  2. No one else sees the irony of that Arquez pic? lol

    Only trolls, addicts, and dumb ballers use those apps.

    The gym/health club and the grocery store are your best bets.

    1. I’m interested in that Fox he’s banging out.

      LOL@meeting dudes in the grocery store. Could you imagine shopping and you and a dude just start staring at eachother and shit?

    1. Thank you for this, because I have never heard about this, I have already spread the word to a few friends, Im not in NYC, but I know its only a matter of time before we all are gonna have to be worried. Actually, this article is making me re-think my vacation plans this summer, had just plan a trip to the big apple last week and now this. Whew next they are gonna be telling us that its not safe to even jack-off no more. Real talk this is some scary shit!!!

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