Riding On The Carousel of Penis Looking For One Comfortable Seat

we all have choices in life.
in the concrete forest,
you get the luxury of variety.
you can choose between what you want for breakfast,
what type of transportation to get where you are going,
or what things you choose to associate yourself with.
that’s the beauty of life in general.
when it comes to wolves,
i find that some of us don’t apply that rule.
we meet one wolf,
in one great situation,
and hold onto that hope he will be the one.
what we don’t realize is he met you,
in one great situation,
and he has twenty others in rotation for “the one”.
don’t think for a second when he isn’t talking to you that he is alone.
so when it comes to dating…

The more more choices; the better?

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Jack’d: The Valley of The Nymphos

“well that dick ain’t gonna meet itself jamari.”

i love the people in my life.
that was the text discussion i was having with a fox last week.
i was ranting how i needed some pipe.
selective pipe.
the type of pipe with a nice pair of these:

sittin’ just right.

sure it may not be “good dick” stroke wise,
but nothing wrong with a visual nut right?
last regular basic hybrid i gave a chance was a snore.
he fucked me to sleep.


oh that place.
how we always go back to social sites when the going gets… hard.
after downloading the app again,
i decided to try something different this time…

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Oops… I Did It Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, and Again…

“i played with my heart.
got lost in my games.
ooh baby baby…”

tumblr_mkfobnfvpc1rj2u1ho1_500i seriously had to ask myself,
“so add another one to the list?”
all of the mistakes i have made in the past doing “this”,
i go and bump my head and did it again last week.
i see now how i fall in the trap.
he was fine.
no, he was fuckin’ gorgeous.
alas, he ends up being a question mark.
i found my answer…

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The Redemption of Star Fox


when you have to say “goodbye” to a friend,
one who has had your back for a very long time,
it can be one of the hardest things to do.
like any relationship,
you both may start not seeing eye to eye.
little things they do start to piss you off.
it happens and it is normal.
some friendships end because the loyalty is gone.
your boyfriend becomes a target.
they listen to jealous or envious voices.
ask any celeb about all their broken relationships.
sometimes a time out is necessary,
but it should only last a little while.
star fox and i tho…
we talked last weekend after a good four months

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