Riding On The Carousel of Penis Looking For One Comfortable Seat

we all have choices in life.
in the concrete forest,
you get the luxury of variety.
you can choose between what you want for breakfast,
what type of transportation to get where you are going,
or what things you choose to associate yourself with.
that’s the beauty of life in general.
when it comes to wolves,
i find that some of us don’t apply that rule.
we meet one wolf,
in one great situation,
and hold onto that hope he will be the one.
what we don’t realize is he met you,
in one great situation,
and he has twenty others in rotation for “the one”.
don’t think for a second when he isn’t talking to you that he is alone.
so when it comes to dating…

The more more choices; the better?

i always kept choices.
jamari fox had about 9 wolves in rotation at one point.
all obsessed with getting my attention.
most of them not in the city which was great.
i loved it.
it made me feel like the sexiest fox alive.
swag on 110.
it felt good to see:

“wassup boo”
“hey baby how was ya day”
“you quiet today”

married wolves.
d/l wolves
wolves with money.
wolves working towards it.
….and the best part?

i wasn’t fuckin’ them.
sure we had some phone sex or sexted a little,
but they liked the fact i could talk about other shit.
it was better than meeting one and getting attached to the fantasy in my head.
hoping he would cuff me and we would live happily ever after.

tumblr_lyluiro3d21qewr7xo1_500…or something like that.

my vixen friend called me today and revealed she is talking to a nba baller.
one that i have actually mentioned on my site.
completely caught me off guard.
i turned my phone off for the day and this is what happened?
she is also talking to two other wolves.
not sleeping with any.
just talking and enjoying whatever happens.

the power of choice.
they say people are more desirable when we see they have options.
sure we all want to be cuffed,
but why do we hold onto one person and only that one person?
especially in the dating phase?
why not spread yourself around a little?
even lock down some out the state peen?
see whats out there while keeping the “accepting applications” in full display.
only when you find the one who is serious,
completely interested,
and is not on the bullshit.
you still keep your rotation just in case in shows his ass.
these sketchy ass wolves today.
so i had to ask…

Do you keep a steady dating rotation?
Or do you meet one and hope he’s the one?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Riding On The Carousel of Penis Looking For One Comfortable Seat”

  1. Your post always come at the right time. Recently I’ve came across a fox who thus far worth giving all my attention to. But as much as I would like to block all those foxes of my nice rotation I feel I’m jumping to quick. This fox is like no other but I know how the game is played. How everything is ok and then suddenly change. So I think I’m going to keep my rotation around but as active as in the past. Just in case. Like insurance. Lol

  2. There is this one dude I really like a lot and I can’t thinking about him for some reason. Him and I share a lot things in common which is making me more attracted to him. But I am trying to keep my options open which I am.

  3. How would you know you’re the one with the power of choice and not the other person/people.What if your vixen friend is just number 5 to that baller and number 3 to the two wolves.For dudes, you can only talk for so long and you know if that baller says open them legs, she gonna do it.

    1. ^i asked her that same question zen.
      she said she is going with the flow and not expecting anything.
      she said when she gets excited,
      that’s when things fuck up.
      i think once she realized some men ain’t shit,
      she just chose to enjoy the ride as it goes.

      1. Well that’s good.She shouldn’t think she’s the one with the power of choice because that sounds like she’s putting her hopes up, thinking they’re all wrapped around her finger, when in reality, she might be just another choice of theirs and will be ignored as soon as they get another choice they think is better and deem her unworthy of keeping in contact with.

        I hate when people get my hopes up and then shoot them down.That goes for anything, relationship wise, job wise, transportation wise.I hate it.

  4. Shit, you may as well keep your options open because best believe they are. Even the lame ones think they have game.

    I’m talking casually to about 5-7 dudes and I’ve even met a few for casual dates, gotten head, let them play with my penis. Lol but I try to gauge how many dudes they’re entertaining. They’ll even show me pics of the other dudes they’re messing with. From there, I decide how much effort I want to put into them, if they drop down to third string, or get cut from the team altogether. Lol

  5. Sigh, this is definitely the moment I start commenting. I seem to be a guy in the rotation.

    There’s a guy I LOVE and would sacrifice any amount of my being for because he just means that much to me. We’ve been talking everyday without fail for over a year and i enjoyed the moments i got to spend with him, but he always had a list of people he was talking to on the side.

    I’d like to think I was taken more seriously than them, at least that’s how it seemed. If there was something he wanted, or needed, I’d break my back getting it for him. even though I knew there was a lot of flirting and canoodling with other guys, i still couldn’t shake my feelings for him, but I never liked the moments when i felt I was being sidelined because of another guy he had.

    There were a lot of guys he had texting him and shouting their praises for him but I wasn’t in it for a booty call like many of them, I wanted his love in return and even when i moved out of state I still felt at times I was being set aside even more.

    My thing is that some guys do get attached and truly do care for the individual they’re talking to, but its rough to know that there might be other guys in a similar situation, or even situated closer.

    He got jealous when I made mention that I should take note and talk to other guys, or even when I did have some crazy encounter with someone he thought that I was into them and I guess (A) he liked me and didn’t want me gone, or (B) didn’t want my attention to deviate.

    Even though he ended up dating someone from said rotation last year and still together, we still talk like we always do but the feeling of love is still there and I guess he might feel it as well.

    I don’t like the rotation thing and I’m someone who would rather be in a “relationship” that fails rather than one that’s constantly being shifted through, passing between me and other guys.

    I’m new to actually being in love, or feeling (former?) mutual attraction to someone and its debilitating knowing that chances of being together with them are slim. But i would rather suffer through the rotation which makes me feel like I’m on an episode of the bachelor than not be talking to them at all. its stupid of be, but i don’t want to lose them or whatever we have now, even if its slim and it was the only reason i put myself through it.

    Sorry its so long Jamari and others. It’s possibly incoherent and crazy to read at parts. It’s mostly me getting those feelings off my chest for the first time, but also responding that as a guy who is on the option list, its not all that fun, for me anyway, but i do it because I’d rather be an applicant than nothing at all.

  6. Nah, I get into my feelings. I don’t have the time to be talking to multiple dudes, and not cause I’m always busy with school, I just refuse to sit around texting and calling 4 or 5 dudes a day. I can’t lol.

    If I were a serial dater, when I do chose the dude I want to kick it with long term, how can I tell the other dudes I’m talking to that we can’t talk anymore? Some of y’all may say it’s easy cause you don’t give af about other people’s feelings and lie, but I’m not like that. I don’t like to lie and break hearts, so I can’t tell a dude it’s just not working out when truth be told there is someone else. Nah. I’m not up for that.
    I don’t like to be competing with other people for someone’s attention either. With that said, I couldn’t even date a dude who is seeing 3 or 4 other guys while seeing me. I’m too good to compete with others and fight over men. You either want me or you want them. This ain’t Flavor of Love.

  7. @IN LOVE That’s the problem with guys like you and me.We’re thinking about the bigger picture, while these hoes are only thinking about themselves.Hoes are selfish.Hoes succeed because guys like us allow them to.Sorry but that dude is a hoe.I’d stop talking to him if I were you.

    I’d be pissed if I was being juggled around with other dudes like I’m some damn fling.I ain’t a hoe and I ain’t a player.I’m looking for long term, not a chat buddy.People need to learn to find other grown folks to get serious with and stop messing around like teenagers.I’m too old(mentally) for that shit.

    I have no doubts in my mind that I could’ve settled down and got married at 18 and lived a life long happy marriage with (adopted)children till death did us part, but I guess I’m wired wrong because 98% of humans don’t have the same mentality as me.I’m too damn loyal and respectful of my significant other.

    People are always like “a relationship needs trust.”I’m like “No, it needs loyalty and respect.”I respect you enough to not ever put myself in a situation where you will have doubts about trusting me.

    Trust is for hoes.

  8. One semester in college, after being dumped by my ex. I decided to talk to 3-4 different guys, just to see how it was. It cool, but stressful. I realized that I wasn’t the serial dater type, because I prefer to have only one and be the only one. My emotions are just too important to be spread around.

  9. Actively trying to do this but its not working. Finally put my pic back up on jackd and they were coming like hotcakes. Maybe 3 but no more shit its hard trying to remember what you said to each one lol.

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