Apple! Don’t You Dare Go In My Download Folder!

tumblr_n7dop8DTtj1sgytx4o1_500everyone watches porn.
people act like they don’t.
go on their browser history and you’ll get the real story.
well i watch porn.
i like porn.
i like amatuer black porn.
i like porn where the wolf has a nice body and bomb stroke.
i like straight porn.
i like gay porn.
right now i’m not having sex,
so i’m living vicariously through other people’s walls.
well i think my porn habit nearly caught me up…

so i called apple because i had an issue with os x yosemite.
can you believe I’ve had this laptop for 3 years?
i remember when my other one died and i was shit out of luck.
well the warranty is running out pretty soon so i’m calling apple for anything.
the slightest noise and i’m calling.
i’m going to use this warranty until its over.

usually i keep all pictures i will use to blog in a neat corner on my desktop.
i want to make sure everything is easily accessible for me to grab.
i had a bunch of wolves and cakes i have to post.
since i was calling apple,
i knew my issue would probably need me to screen share.
i dragged all those pictures into my download folder.
well my download folder had all kinds of porn and whats not.
about 45 videos.
i collect my favorite scenes for future enjoyment.

200_sanyway as i was talking to apple,
as i suspected,
i had to share my screen with this really nice apple genius person.
when we were in screen share mode,
i had to download a file from the apple website.
well when i opened up my google chrome to download said file,
all my past sites were in full view:


tumblr_m519q858pa1r4itqj…like really jamari?
i immediately closed it when i saw the pornhub screen shot.
i’m sure he saw it too.
i went over to safari since i barely ever use that browser.
after i downloaded the file,
my download folder started bouncing.
the wolf moved his pointer over to the folder for me to open it.
i know if i opened it,
he would see:


tumblr_inline_mo3z9g7AxQ1qz4rgpat that point i’m nervous as fawk.
i felt myself turning red.
i didn’t know why exactly…
he would see that i like missionary positions,
head from the back,
and getting fucked stupid doggy style.
yolo right?…













YukiatsuBlush…yolo my ass!
i didn’t want this random person,
one who had to help me fix my shit,
be sitting on the other end silently judging me.
he guided me over to the safari download bar and we opened it from there.
i guess i’m still sort of a prude when it comes to porn.
something we all watch,
but we don’t want random people to actually see the evidence.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Apple! Don’t You Dare Go In My Download Folder!”

  1. Thats why I don’t take my laptops to get fixed. If they stop working I just buy a new one lol

    I have strict orders for someone to throw my laptop and phone in a lake if something happens to me lol

  2. I BOL reading this!

    This same thing happened to me, but I didn’t know that I was going to be using share screen.
    And then, a random butt naked mans photo popped up that I downloaded.. Haha I was sooo embarrased, especially since the dude and I were talking abt all sort of “macho” stuff prior too.

    1. ^lmao!!

      someone told me apple genius people see a lot of porn and ratcheness while they are fixing computers.
      it’s one thing if they found it and I didn’t have to see them.
      this person was on the phone with me lol

  3. That’s why I used to HATE when my old laptop would get viruses! No matter what, all my porn would pop the fuck up! I remember my laptop crashed and my mom brought it to work for her coworker to fix it. Next thing I know I got a phonecall, fussed at like no tomorrow, and punished for weeks on weeks. I promised not to look at porn ever again. Of course I broke it. I was young. lol. I don’t even know how you download porn to a computer. lol

  4. I have friends in IT. They see all kinds of porn on the computers of corporate honchos, and it’s found on the computers of right wing types on Capitol Hill. By the way, the Bible Belt watches the most porn.

  5. Wow that’s why I don’t download shit and delete my browsing history every two seconds I just memorize the name of said videos it usually works though. Oh and I use mobile devices it’s more private as my laptop is for taking care of business not pleasure. You might need to do that J.

  6. I remember many years ago, I had a screen saver of the hottest man with the biggest erect hard-on. My graphics card went out. I took the computer to Fry’s to have it repaired. When the the technician booted it up. Up popped my boy. I played it off, he didn’t say a word. Now I keep all the porn in a special folder. I feel your pain.

  7. One time I had an issue with my laptop so I mail it to the guy to fix it and I completely forgot that I had a naked man for my background. Plus I am such a hoarder on fotos of hard bodies, ass and dick, plus some download videos on my desktop, not in my folders. So embarrassing.

  8. Shit, I have an external hard drive with all my freakdawgdirtfloppywet stuff on it. It’s all away from my main storage so I’m usually sure I won’t be caught. Only thing I worry about is the hard drive corrupting. WHAT WOULD I DO?! LMAO.

    I can say it’s nice to see all y’all niggas on here watch porn like I do. :: smiles REAL hard :: I have a home… LMAO.

  9. thats why i keep all my porn hidden where no one can find it… right nxt to critical/important files. Now that I think about it, I dont have enough porn on my laptop. lol

  10. LMAO, I told a friend of mine to burn this computer of mine, if something ever happen to me because I have more porn on here saved than myvidster. If my str8 family members find this, they are going to fall out. If my computer ever needs fixing, I am going to go and find a gay newspaper and look for a computer technician LMAO.

    I remember about 3 years ago, I was looking at a pictures of porn star Dream on a porn blog and forgot that maintenance was coming over to fix something in my apartment. The maintenance man knocked on the door and caught me off guard. I jumped up to let him in and I forgot to X out of the screen or minimize it and he walked in and I just happen to look up after telling him what needed fixing and Dreams dick was full size all over my computer screen. I was so damn embarrassed. He was an older Hispanic dude and he looked at me like Wow, I am sure he has seen it all before being a maintenance man but I was so outdone thinking he probably told the whole maintenance staff to watch out when they came into my apartment. I turn off my computer now, if maintenance comes over now LoL!

  11. Jamari, such people have seen what you have on your computer and more. Next time just handle your business with no shame. You’ve paid for it and they’re trained to be professional. Don’t trip.

  12. Jamari don’t be ashamed. That Apple repair guy probably has doggy porn and clips of naked women stomping hamsters to death with their high heels. Everybody has a kink. So just shake it off.

  13. Y’all save porn on your computers? Nah. That is too risky. I get that nut and keep it moving. I do save pictures of dudes every now and then, but that’s about it.

    1. Thank you…I don’t have one video on my computer. Everything on hard drive…they are not that expensive anymore.

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