f0xmail: I Think This Jailbird Wolf Wants My Bunz. Help!


Hey Jamari…

I’m having a lil dilemma reading this past prison wolf Im employed with. When I first met him 2 months ago I noticed the natural attraction I have for him. He’s dark skin, about 45, 6’3, permanent gold fronts and hella cool. He’s a daddy type, a SEXXXY daddy type. So everyday we come in to work he sees me, makes his way over and starts up a convo. Every convo ends the same; on sex. He talks about how he be fucking women, how big. His dick is, his stroke game, alotta mature real black man shit. It’s so sexy to me, but anywho I’m a very attractive male with a nice physique. I’m masc and I have a big round butt that alotta guys require. No one here knows I’m gay except him. He can tell for some reason but I can’t tell about him. He’s always talking about sex as people he’s gonna fuck, I just need some help. If he is down, how do I proceed. how would I know if he isn’t? I just don’t wanna be rejected I mean I have before but not by someone I’m naturally attracted too and yes Jamari he can tell from my smiles and the way I respond back, I even brought him lunch yesterday and I don’t know what to say. I think he wants to fuck me and I would love to let him on the regular.

Plz give me some of that infinite knowledge and wisdom.

(viewer discretion strongly advised)

there was a “straight” wolf i knew back.
he ran with some other straight wolves i went to school with.
he was cute.
a dark exxotical mix.
black and dominican.
beautiful long hair he kept freshly braided.
he was also insanely popular since he played ball.
just my type.
well this wolf liked to talk about head.
anytime i was around him,
he would talk about how he wanted his dick sucked.
“i need a bitch to give me some good head yo!”
it was very random,
but i knew he was secretly directing it to me.
the staring in my eyes and the way he watched my mouth as i spoke…
tumblr_mwfgcamXoT1qgx5jbo1_250well one day,
he randomly showed up at my crib.
no call.
when i opened the door,
i gave him dap,
and he said he wanted to come through to “chill”.
when i told him that some of the other wolves was already here,
he said under his breath

“damn these n*ggas always here…”

shortly later,
we all stopped speaking and that was the end of that.
if i knew then what i know now
oh i know:

tumblr_n569djw13R1rrt383o3_250 tumblr_n569djw13R1rrt383o4_250i would have sucked his dick while he howled at the moon.

some wolves talk in codes.
some are still in the closet and use those codes for you to crack.

he knows you are gay,
he is straight,
and is trying to prove his manhood.

that jailbird wolf wants those round buns and he wants them bad.

my advice?
just continue to speak with him as normal.
don’t do anything out of character.
remember you’re at work.
don’t wink,
act like a horny teenage girl,
or do this:

tumblr_inline_mu7j58tys11qg9l3p^thats just…
just chill and go with his flow.
i have learned with wolves like this,
they want to be in control.
its all in the chase for them.
some move much slower than others.
if you fuck up the tempo,
then the spell will be gone.
plenty of deep eye contact and be open with your body language.
be bold and ask:

“so did you make them cum?”
“damn it sounds like you out here making these people dickmatized.”
“damn it sounds like you should be teaching classes then…”

…in a joking way of course.
see where he takes that.
learn to flirt by “playing the dumb fox”.
the dumb fox knows how to ask the right questions.
one thing you said did bother me tho:

“I even brought him lunch yesterday”

…excuse me?
you did what?
this is where you will fuck up.
you will go from buying him lunch,
to paying his phone bill,
and then his rent if he is lucky.
this is a sexual thing.
you don’t need to be buying him anything out of insecurity.
remember: he is a jailbird wolf.
they are natural born hustlers.
the streets raised him to hustle.

“fuck them beyond good and they will sponsor my life”

so if you want to ride that dick,
and i can tell you want it,
then keep it strictly as sex.
anything else is OD and grounds for foxhole termination.
…got it?
keep me updated.


again: he is a jailbird wolf.
they are natural born hustlers.
hope this helped!

jamari fox

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Think This Jailbird Wolf Wants My Bunz. Help!”

  1. Shit, he probably is gay, especially since he was in the pin. All I can tell you is to just go with the flow and be careful. Don’t be desperate, needy, and do not get caught up in your feelings when shit ain’t going your way.

  2. you ain’t lying perfect advice…ESPECIALLY about the buying lunch part..i had a fool ask me one time how would i feel about buying him some buttaz aka Timbs…smh i was like in 2014 many of these straight but curious men don’t just want ass they want you to take care of them…and my homegirl has been running into that with str8 men also and she’s older…this writer of this letter just needs to fall back and wait…sometimes WAITING is the BEST MOVE…Jamari you sure you weren’t a psychologist in the past life lol you give great advice

    1. I missed the lunch part. It’s late lol. Dude is already messing up. I can tell the writer is a Fox. When I said in the past that Foxes and women think the same mentally, I meant it. A woman is willing to do anything and everything to get and keep a man, and all the man is doing is using her. Driving him to the nearest 7-Eleven so he can get liquor and some blacks, cooking all of his meals, and allowing him to smoke in your crib and getting the smell all on your furniture. Nah

      1. Lemme correct myself. He asked me could I send my homegirl to get him some lunch and he paid me after she bought it, so technically I just sent for his lunch. I didn’t spend any coins. I may be a fox but I’m also a wolf.

      2. Nah bruh. You cannot expect us to believe that lol. It’s cool tho. I don’t judge, but I will be tough on you if I feel you need it. #NoFilter

      3. Hey I’m a fox but I think like a woman. Well then again I do think like my mother because she always tell me “If a man wants you then let him earn him, don’t give it freely.” That’s right. But I will probably cook him for tho because a way to a man’s heart is food.

  3. To be honest, I chuckled and lost interest once I read 45 with permanent gold fronts. That’s someone’s crazy uncle. LMAO!

    In any event, it…bewilders me when dudes are stressing themselves out on how to hook a regular nigga.

    I mean I could understand if he was handsome, educated, intelligent, and intimidating with some status but this is just a regular nigga that already knows you like penis and talks about sexual stuff with you knowing you like penis. Then you throw in the fact he’s been in prison and probably has at the very least received oral sex from a dude depending on how long he was in there.

    You probably remind him of his bitch in prison and he wants to do nasty things to you. You don’t have to do anything extra if you want him other than facilitate a scenario where you can be alone with him so he can go ahead and whip it out.

  4. Jamari, straight dudes don’t talk sexual around each like that unless they are recounting some events that already took place.

    Dudes playing video games or shooting pool and one all of a sudden says “I need some head from a bitch” sounds like the beginning of a taggas or thugbait video. Lol

    Now when they say something like “Keisha sucked the black off my dick the other night”, that’s not suspect.

  5. To me it’s clear that the older guy wants a sexual connection with the writer. It will likely happen because the writer wants a sexual connection with the older guy. So the question is: On what terms?

    Also, I’m curious about what work the writer does that brings him in contact with the older guy everyday at work. Noteably, the writer did not say!

    1. @dean. I, the writer is a dietician and he is a food prep cook. We work at the same hospital. @jay thanks very good insight

      1. Shit, if you’re a Dietitian you can break some bread then. You’re not poor. A few dinners won’t kill you. Lol

        Everyone else saying don’t buy him lunch.

        Shit if a dude buys me lunch and dessert I’ll give him some D.

        Free food and sex?!

        I’m not stingy lmao

      2. I said not to buy him lunch because he would end up being used and not getting nothing out of it but a wet ass and poor credit. The reader most likely wants more than just the pipe as well. I ain’t doing shit for a Fox that ain’t my boyfriend. We are both men, and until I cuff him we are going dutch. Yup DUTCH. Y’all read this and shake your heads and wag your fingers all you want, but I ain’t the only Wolf who feels this way. Y’all Foxes aren’t getting the five star treatment straight out the gate. Prove that you are committed and I’ll give you the world.

  6. Sucking or riding dick of a patient at the hospital where you work can get you fired. So any such activity should not take place at the work-site. Exchange numbers and emails before he’s discharged. Then you can contact him and he can contact you without your being fired.

    1. Dean WTF you talkin bout dude? My side hurts from laughing so hard. They both work in the food area at the hospital, the man is not a patient. I can’t.

  7. My bad. I see that I wrongfully assumed that the older guy was a patient. He’s a coworker. The same advice applies: Sucking or riding dick of a co-worker at the hospital where you work can get you fired. So any such activity should not take place at the work-site. Exchange numbers and emails. Then you can contact him and he can contact and arrange to connect outside of work.

  8. Young man leave this ex-con alone, I worked with crooks for years until I couldnt take no more and they are all conniving and have an agenda hence the name cons for they are more than likely con-artist. Its easy to get caught up in their charm and masculinity but they will sell their own mother and children down the river to satisfy their own needs. Let me not start on the hepatitis rate for men in prison its nearly 10 times the national average. It may look good but its not good. If this pineapple is hungry for lunch again, tell his ass to see what patient didnt eat that day and get him a plate, hell how you work in a kitchen and need to have lunch brought in anyway. Dont risk your career for a malt liquor drinking bologna eating piece of trade, find you a nurse,radiologist or go for the gold and get you a Dr. Bro. Dont let your inner THOT get the best of your love.

    1. Yes @tajan my inner thot. Laws Jesus you hit it on the head. I don’t want nothing emotional. Just some good dick and from his image and the way he carries himself, let’s not forget the pipe laying imagery. My inner THOT is like the hulk. Lol. But na I never would do anything at work, I’ve tried to get him outside of work but we both be extremely busy. I think I’ll set up something Tom since hes off and I’m on call.

      1. Be careful hooking up with coworkers especially if he is a subordinate. My best friend was just accused of sexual harassment after hooking up with his male coworker.The guy claims he is straight and he was drunk.He said my friend’s unwanted advances caused him emotional stress and anxiety.It’s a big mess.

  9. Whatever you do….DO NOT spend anymore money on this kat. He will see it as an opportunity to try and take you for a ride..and not the ride YOU want. It will be directed at your wallet and bank accounts. The requests will start small but they will gradually increase to the point where an emergency situation has him needing X amount of dollars. I’ve seen it happen to many guys and girls. I do give you props in that you would want to fuck with someone that works in the same place as you. I try everything in my power to avoid situations like that. There are several guys that I flirt around with on my job, but I will never fuck with them…until I leave! Then it’s on! LOL
    There’s one Dominican dude there I’m itching to get a hold of. He phyne as hell and talks madd shit about the way he slings dick and eats ass and pussy. LOL

  10. I bought plenty of people who I work with lunch and not one time did I end up taking care of them, lol however if you were trying to buy him lunch for him break you off a little something then that may not be a wise move. I agree with Dean work place hookups are not the wisest thing to do, and I don’t think the brother should be placed in the shady/ hustler catagrory just because he went to jail. I met a lot of people without jail records who are shady as hell. Lol Having said all this I think that you guys are too grown to be dancing around the issue. The way I see it the brother has opened the door to talk about sex with him, so just ask him is it true you that men get down like in prison? Because, I was watching lock up on MSNBC and this convict was spilling all the jailhouse tea. If he answers with a yes, then say something like this I know this his personal but did you get down like that while locked up? His answer will give you clear understanding if you have a chance to get some.

    1. So Jamari I have an update. Today as I was sitting in the office, he knocks on the window for me to come out. And as I walk with him to the cafe’ I notice food on the table. This nigga cooked Lima beans seasoned with ham hock, bbq baked chicken, and white rice and offered me some. It looked as if he put his heart in it. I was gonna turn down the offer and just leave the situation alone(thinking about my inner THOT) but I accepted. He didn’t make me a plate tho. He just brought all the food banquet style, had me plate and a fork and a Gatorade. I was like damn he must have read this post. ☺️ But today was totally different. He wasn’t talking about sex, but he was checking me out throughout our convo. He was asking me for real estate advice on better places to live and should he look for a 1 bedroom or two bc “he’s tired of being alone”. He has no kids, only an ex wife. Towards the end of his break he asked me what I was doing for the weekend, I didn’t get a chance to respond bc another employee(male) walked up and we suddenly just switched subjects naturally. But after looking at and reading all the advice, I think ima just be patient and control my freakum side and actually hear what he has to say…. I won’t be making the first move bc I am a fox (love using the term) and my life won’t change whether we do or do not fuck. He’s an intellectual individual with alotta heart and has a lot to say. But fyi he’s an ex drug dealer. He did 10 years fed time. That’s the only thing on his record, no priors for anything. So don’t categorize you know. Everyone has a past.

  11. Fuquan, if I may add my two-cents, leave him alone. I don’t know where in the country you are, but I can smell this con over the Internet. You don’t need this. He’s playing you. If he already knows what’s up with you as you say, he doesn’t need to drop hints like this. I can picture him telling his buddies how he’s “setting up this fag at work.”

    If your hormones get the better of you, where are you going to do it? Are you thinking about taking or inviting this person to your place? If so, think long and hard. He’s an ex-con; the recidivism rate is high; he doesn’t have as much to lose as you. What if something were to go down? You said you were in decent shape. Could you handle him if something were to go down? And, even if you feel you could hold your own, he could come with a weapon. If something were to go down, could you handle the embarrassment at work and/or with neighbors? I think you said people at work don’t know about you. People like him prey on closeted guys because they know such guys don’t want to involve the police or share their embarrassment with others.

    Not trying to rain on your parade. I am attracted to very masculine brothers, myself; I use that 6th sense to the max and have been very fortunate. However, as one brother to another, I would not feel right not sharing what my gut is saying. If you should decide to test the waters, be careful and safe.

  12. Fuquan, I was writing my post while you were writing your update. Seems like you are going to take it slow; that’s cool. Just be careful, man.

    1. Thank you. And it’s like the more I read the more obvious everything is. I feel kinda foolish for being blind. The mind always finds a way to make simple observations into complex assumptions. Sex ain’t better than love…. And wit that said I’ll keep it cordial. Thanks old head! ☺️

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