This Scent Did Something To Me Today (Prada)

amberso today i tested out my sample of prada amber pour homme.
i didn’t smell it at sephora,
just like terres d’hermes,
so i was praying to god that i liked it.
being stuck wearing a scent that smells like poison all day?
no bueno.
so i sprayed it on my naked body,
making sure to hit all my pressure points,
and put on a more dressed down look:

lightish blue dress shirt
skinny red tie
dark blue dress pants
dark blue trench coat
brown shoes
brown belt
brown duffle bag

i like to dress in theme so i called this one:

young fox; wall street

…and walked out the door for work.
i was early.
when i say that this scent throughout the day

tumblr_n8aq75YF7f1rbs4ybo1_500i wanted to fuck myself entirely stupid.
you ever had a moment where you felt like “that pineapple”?

not in the bad way,
but you were feeling yourself heavy?
everything looked good and fit on you,
you face was clear on any “damage control” situations,
everything was going right in your life,
and gave no fucks about anything anyone had to say.
well that is what prada did to me today.
i don’t know what is it in,
but it makes me horny.
horny for a better life.
horny for a bigger bank account.
horny to get some good pipe.
horny to visit my baller wolf and give him surprise a quickie mid day.
it put me in the best mood all day.
i felt powerful.
i felt like i owned the street and everyone owed me rent.
the scent smells dries down to this fresh soapy smell.
one that lasts all day.
i can still smell it faintly on my wrist even now.
i didn’t re-apply it.
it’s like that!
i definitely had to fight myself today from buying it.
even though its only 60 (80 for a large bottle),
i had to remember my:

credit card
cable bill
phone bill
other things

…are due.
i really really really REALLY liked that one tho.
it definitely goes with my body chemistry.
i like how it made me feel and the place it took me too.
even though i rock with terres d’hermes all kinds of heavy,
prada amber pour homme will be my first purchase.
tumblr_inline_ndd2cd2JIt1r3st38lowkey: i wonder what the prada amber homme intense smells like then?

check out prada amber pour homme: sephora

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “This Scent Did Something To Me Today (Prada)”

  1. I mean you say you were feeling yourself, but I see no workplace bathroom selfies or post-work twerk clip. I don’t believe you.

    Damn you for reigniting my obsession with colognes because I’ll probably be buying most of the ones everyone has suggested smh

  2. My best friend wore this one HARD last winter and I wanted to put it in her mouth every time I smelled her. LMAO. No lie. If she could conjure up those feelings, I can only imagine it on you. LOL… mmmhmmm. Do it J. Buy it J.

  3. you have got to try Polo Red for Men…that is a sexy fragrance as well…Gucci for Men and Paris Hilton for men were some of my favorites…also cooling water was a good one too

    1. ^good suggestions m!

      polo red smells good,
      but it def doesn’t last.
      cool water is a super throwback.
      good scent,
      but i killed that one,
      and issey miyake.

  4. Just to let you know I’m making a list of all the colognes mentioned. lol. Every man should have a signature cologne on his nightstand.

  5. I have already ordered the Versace Eros, Him by Hanee Mori and Hermes Terre D’hermes, thanks to Jamari. I am fooling myself saying “my Christmas gifts to me” . lol

  6. You know when a cute guy cross my path and I take a whiff of his cologne. Oh baby I get the chills and goosebumps. And my mind get all mushy too.

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