What Are Your Signature (Cologne) Scents? (+ Summer Cologne Shopping)

can i say i love posting on the ig foxhole stories?
ima humble brag and say some good pics,
if i do font so myself.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but i’m a cologne hoe.
i love a good scent on me and on someone else.
i was on the these 3 heavy these last few months:


…but they’re literally down to the last drop or a wrap.
i’m letting you into my cologne case foxhole.
you’re officially vip.
so i went summer cologne shopping at sephora last week.
i’ll get into what i liked in a few.
as i was looking around the store,
i realized something…
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The Signature Scents Of 2017 (Layer It On Me)

i always get emails about the latest colognes.
i haven’t had the money to buy any new ones.
i will let the foxhole in on a little secret i’ve been doing.


that’s right.
 i’ve been getting compliments left and right too.
now i know it sounds weird,
but let me explain a little more
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Aim For My Neck ( I Want To Smell It All Day )

tumblr_static_themei had a crazy ass week.
i am exhausted.
let me sleep for 13 hours just to recover.
so you know what it was time for?

retail therapy

a fox’s favorite.
sometimes buying a little “happy” is all i need.
so after i spent a grip on new clothes,
i decided to check around various stores for new scents.
you know i’m always in the market to smell good.
well i found a few signatures for the foxhole ’16 spring/summer
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This Scent Did Something To Me Today (Prada)

amberso today i tested out my sample of prada amber pour homme.
i didn’t smell it at sephora,
just like terres d’hermes,
so i was praying to god that i liked it.
being stuck wearing a scent that smells like poison all day?
no bueno.
so i sprayed it on my naked body,
making sure to hit all my pressure points,
and put on a more dressed down look:

lightish blue dress shirt
skinny red tie
dark blue dress pants
dark blue trench coat
brown shoes
brown belt
brown duffle bag

i like to dress in theme so i called this one:

young fox; wall street

…and walked out the door for work.
i was early.
when i say that this scent throughout the day
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Splash It On My Chest and Neck (Round 2)

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__1280pressure points.
the places on your body that heat up when you’re…
you have many pressure points on your body,
so naturally,
you should always splash your scents on those points of your body.
i usually apply my scents..
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Splash It On My Chest and Neck (Aim Good)

tumblr_lww0h6IxuT1r5pqpro1_500well its that time again.
well not officially.
once clocks go back,
and the day turns to night early
then its fall in my book.
fall also means its time for:

nice jackets

my favorite!
fall also means its time to splash new scents to spray on your fur.
its time to put away summery colognes away and introduce your fall scent.
ones that won’t make us suffocate during cuddle time.
so i had to ask for fox swagg purposes…

What scent are you rockin’ this fall/winter?…

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